5 handyman tips for anyone without a handyman!

DIY has been passed down from father to son and father to daughter for generations. Just think about who taught you how to paint, wallpaper or drill a hole in the wall. Of course, not all dads are equally handy! That's why we've put together some handyman tips for those of you who don't know how to do a bit of DIY. And with TOSIZE.de, anyone can get the job done; our sawing specialists use their skills to saw the material with millimetre precision. Then you can start the rest of the job immediately!

Handy tip 1: varnish the ends of MDF as follows

You have created your own design, had the parts cut at TOSIZE.de and you are ready to assemble and finish the project. But: how do you make sure that the ends turn out beautifully?

Discover how to varnish ends

Handy tip 2: Handy measuring tips you'll never forget

If you are going to do a job, it is of course necessary to determine the correct dimensions. And how do you go about doing that? Determining the dimensions of a piece of furniture is very precise, so read up on it!

Read our measuring tips

Handy tip 3: Drilling holes in sheet metal professionally

Drilling holes in wood is one of the most widely used techniques. It seems very easy, it really is, but there are always a few tips that will make you even better at drilling holes!

Discover it here

Handy tip 4: Paint nice and smooth in 6 steps

Whether you are going to paint MDF in your favourite colour or give solid wood a transparent coating, these painting tips will help you get a nice smooth result!

Read the 6 steps here!

Handy tip 5: Create your own invisible wood joints

Before ordering material from TOSIZE.de, it is a good idea to think about how you are going to mount it. Will you be using screws? Dowels? Or glue? These accessories can easily be ordered at TOSIZE.de.

That's how you make invisible connections!

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