DIY tip: Sawing in mitre, what is that?

Have you already seen that we can do mitre cuts? To join your project easily and quickly, seamlessly, you can have various sheet materials finished with a mitred edge with us. But what is mitre cutting?

At, you can have various wood and board materials cut to size. But sometimes just cutting to size is not enough: do you want to neatly join a cube, corner or the board material by joining two boards together? Then have your board material mitred and glued together. This will give you a seamless attachment of your material. Not quite sure if having your sheet material mitred is the solution for your project? Let us explain it to you!

What do you get when you have sheet material mitred?

Mitre is a bevelled edge that allows you to make invisible joints and gives a nice finish to the corners. In the webshop, you can select mitred edges on various board materials. Select the edge finish on the category page to find out which sheet materials we can finish with mitre. Choose a 45-degree angle if you want to create a seamless corner. In comparison, if you don't choose mitre, you will always see a head side of the sheet material. So when you glue two parts together with the mitre edge, you get a much tighter angle.

Want to know more about mitre and other finishes? Check out all edge finishes. Want to order mitre, but find it difficult how to enter it? If so, read this article: Mitre cuts: start sketching!

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