DIY tips: make your own furniture working drawings

You want to make your own furniture, but that naturally starts with creating a good woodworking plan. How do you go about it?

Use an Existing Drawing

There are countless free and paid woodworking plans available on the internet for furniture that others have already made. If a drawing from the internet offers what you want to make, that's very convenient! Then you don't have to do that work yourself, and you can send the drawing with the correct dimensions to, so we can prepare the cutting package. On our page with furniture, you can also find many examples and packages including drawings.

Prefer to Design Yourself?

If you want to create your own design, that's no problem either. For us, a sketch with the correct dimensions is enough to create a completely custom-cut package. Do you enjoy working on 3D drawings yourself? For both novice and experienced DIY enthusiasts, we have a convenient custom concept: TOSIZE Furniture. Use our 3D configurator to easily realize your design. Of course, other drawing programs like Sketchup, Solidworks, AutoCAD, and all other options are suitable for creating drawings, but these are more extensive and paid programs.

Get Inspired

If you want to design something yourself, it's nice to get inspired. A good start is often to create a mood board. Take photos of furniture and colors you like, or tear inspiring images from magazines and stick these pictures on a large piece of paper. Pinterest is also very suitable for getting inspiration and creating mood boards, and then making a drawing of your own design!

Key Information for

For making a good cutting package, we don't need complicated, technical drawings. A sketch with the correct dimensions is often sufficient. What is useful, however, is to make a list of the separate cut parts. This is not only for the sawmill but also for yourself. You can specify whether the different parts need to be labeled when ordering (this can be done under the own characteristic heading). This way, you can easily solve the puzzle of the cut package when you receive all the parts at home.

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