Ikea hack metod and faktum

FAKTUM and METOD are popular kitchen systems from IKEA. You can combine them endlessly. Even cooler is to hack up your IKEA kitchen with homemade fronts or an original countertop. And did you know you can do lots of other things with the FAKTUM and METOD systems too? Turn them into a sofa or a coffee bar, for example. In this article, we share with you IKEA METOD and FAKTUM hacks from our handymen. Get inspired by these examples!

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The METOD kitchen system is the successor to FAKTUM, so you won't find FAKTUM in IKEA stores anymore, but you might find this kitchen system in your home. Therefore, in this article, we share with you popular IKEA hacks that our handymen have shared with us.

For each project, we tell you which sheet material the handymen used for the IKEA hack. So you can order the materials used from us quickly and easily. This is because at TOSIZE.de you buy precisely cut material in almost all shapes and with many finishes. Ideal for kitchen worktops and fronts. We deliver the materials to your home quickly. That saves you a lot of sawing work!

To size plywood birch fronts

Handyman Laura used plywood birch for her IKEA kitchen. She used the wood for the dishwasher, carousel, drawer cabinet, sink cabinet, side panels and skirting boards. She sealed and varnished the wood. The whole kitchen hack was a big job, but in the project description, she explains step by step how she went about it.

Custom-made plywood birch fronts for an IKEA kitchen, by Laura

Elevated washing machine in METOD kitchen

Want to fit your washing machine and tumble dryer at height in your METOD kitchen? Handyman Daan knows how to do it. He used plywood birch to even make a pull-out drawer for the laundry basket. The result is beautiful and practical!

Handle-less IKEA kitchen

This handle-less IKEA kitchen was made by handyman Emiel with plywood birch fronts, cut to size by TOSIZE.de. The colour of the wood gives the kitchen a very natural, calm look.

Oak panels for special twist

Give your kitchen a special twist with eiken timmerpanelen. Handyman Stijn used these materials for the side panels in the kitchen. It combines nicely with the dark fronts.

Kitchen upgrade with Oak, by Stijn

Coffee bar from IKEA METOD and plywood poplar

Handyman Jesse used plywood interior poplar for a conversion for a freestanding fridge. But, that's not all. He also made bespoke fronts, shelves and free-hanging drawers. A very nice project, this kitchen with coffee bar.

Two IKEA METOD cabinets are the base. Next to them is a drawer unit that serves as a coffee bar. In the description of this DIY project, Jesse explains well how he went about it.

Bench made of METOD kitchen cabinets

Who thinks of using kitchen cabinets when making a long bench? One of our creative handymen! This handyman used seven kitchen cupboards and glued vuren timmerpanelen cut to size on them. A few cushions on top and you can have the whole family at the table! A very original IKEA METOD hack.

IKEA hack: easy to make a long sofa yourself

Plywood birch countertop

Handyman Robin put 40 mm multiplex bladen in clear acrylic lacquer. He uses this as a countertop on the kitchen cabinets in his dining room.

IKEA hack: 40 mm plywood countertops for kitchen cabinets, by Robin

New dishwasher front and plinth in FAKTUM kitchen

Since the parts for the FAKTUM kitchen are no longer available, handyman Martyna went in search of new fronts and skirting boards. And she succeeded, ordering MDF and phenolic plywood from us (perfectly cut to size and delivered to her home, of course).

For the dishwasher front, she measured and pre-drilled the drill holes herself. As did the handles for the handle. She attached the skirting boards together with a reinforcement corner, so as to clip it under the kitchen cabinets. Handy!

Bespoke dishwasher front and kitchen skirting, by Martyna

Tough kitchen with OSB cabinet doors

For a cool, robust look to your kitchen, hack the fronts with OSB. OSB is totally hot and we can see why. It is budget-friendly and gives your kitchen a very cool, industrial look.

Handyman Mark had the OSB boards delivered to his home exactly to size and then made a jig for the hinges. Simple and quick. His kitchen with OSB cabinets does look very cool.

By the way, Mark used OSB not only for his kitchen, but also in the hallway. We really like it all!

Ikea kitchen - hallway pimping with robust OSB, by Mark

IKEA kitchen hack with neomint and birch

By hacking your IKEA METOD or FAKTUM kitchen, you can really go for a totally different look. Handyman Jelle also proves this. He turned his neutral kitchen into a real eye-catcher by using  plywood birch and MDF moisture-resistant tfor new fronts. The colour combination of neomint with natural birch is special.

Jelle ordered the board materials to size from TOSIZE.de and did all the finishing himself. He rounded the corners with an edge router, milled black handles into the MDF, drilled holes for hinges and primed and varnished everything himself.

For the handles of the plywood panels, he has applied a sleight of hand: by cutting a corner in  verstek that acts as a handle.

A nice IKEA kitchen hack!

New fronts for IKEA Faktum kitchen, by Jelle

Handle-less cabinet with new fronts

That you don't have to use IKEA kitchen cabinets only in your kitchen, we saw above with the bench seat. Handyman Kelvin chose to use FAKTUM cabinets for a simple, high-quality cabinet, with plywood birch fronts.

Kevin milled the hinge points out of the wood to make them fit perfectly. The handle was also milled into the plywood panels with a finger router. The result is a beautiful, handle-free cabinet!

IKEA cabinet with Plywood Birch Fronts, by Kevin

Espresso bar hack from IKEA METOD

Do you love coffee? Then you want a nice place for that expensive espresso machine in your home. Handyman Khanh took up the challenge and built an espresso bar with sideboard from IKEA METOD elements and eiken timmerpanelen from TOSIZE.de. The structure fits exactly into an unused niche in his living room. A clever use of space!

Buffet cabinet with espresso bar in solid oak wood, by Khanh

Khanh had us cut the panels in  verstek and joined them together with slats and wood glue. He also built connections for electricity into the cabinet. Glitsa Parquet lacquer was used to finish the wood. The oak gives the whole a warm look!

Unique DIY kitchen in special colour

If you want an IKEA kitchen in a very specific colour while also applying some customised solutions, there's no getting around it: you'll have to hack your IKEA kitchen. That's what this handyman did with his hack of a kitchen island and cabinet wall. We understand why, because the colour with which the custom-sawn vochtwerende MDF is finished is really special!

The kitchen worktop is made of waterproof MDF with epoxy and three layers of concrete ciré.

A very nice, unique DIY kitchen makeover!

Personalised IKEA kitchen in MDF, by Niek and Jolijn

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Getting started with your homemade IKEA METOD and FAKTUM hacks

Were you able to find inspiration for hacking your own IKEA kitchen? We hope so. In any case, our handymen have tried very hard to create a unique DIY project.

Order the sheet material for your IKEA hack from TOSIZE.de. Perfectly tailored, delivered to your home without any hassle. So you can quickly get back to cooking and enjoying your kitchen.

If you're looking for even more home inspiration, check out the hundreds of inspiratieprojecten in our database.

Have fun hacking your IKEA kitchen and we would love it if you would share your result with us too!

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