Ikea hacks Pax closet

IKEA's PAX cabinets are practical and affordable storage units for your clothes, shoes and other stuff. Unfortunately, IKEA PAX cabinets don't really have an original look, and what do you do if you want to put a PAX cabinet under a sloping roof? In this article, we share with you the best IKEA PAX cabinet hacks from our handymen.

IKEA hack PAX cabinet DIY

The IKEA PAX system is a practical and modular wardrobe system. IKEA offers quite a few options and accessories to go with the wardrobe, but the truly creative will of course go with their own IKEA PAX hack. Check out the best examples from our handymen in this article.

The houtsoorten used for these hacks were ordered from TOSIZE.de. This is because with us, you order precisely cut material in many shapes and finishes. We then deliver that material quickly to your home. Easy, right?

IKEA PAX cupboard under sloping roof with plywood doors

An IKEA PAX cupboard under a sloping roof, how do you solve that? Just ask handyman Leonoor. She ordered plywood birch to size and made the doors for her cupboard from it.

Measurement is of course very important in this hack. Leonoor even used software to make a working drawing to check whether her measurement was correct. After all, the sloping top line of the three doors must continue neatly. And she succeeded!

If you want to know exactly how Leonoor tackled this hack, check out her DIY project.

Bespoke plywood birch cupboard doors for PAX cupboard under sloping roof, by Leonoor

PAX cabinet with underlayment cabinet doors

For a warm look, choose an original material on your IKEA PAX cabinet: underlayment. Handyman Eline came up with this hack and we think it looks really cool! The leather handles on the cabinet doors finish it off nicely. You can easily mount the hinges of the PAX cabinet on the underlayment.

Affordable alternative to built-in cupboard under sloping roof

Handyman Hasse thought built-in cupboards under his pitched roof were getting a bit pricey. We can well imagine. The affordable alternative: an IKEA PAX cupboard with doors made of custom-sawn plywood birch from TOSIZE.de.

Hasse sawed off some of the cabinet parts himself so they would fit well under the roof. Using a self-made jig, he drilled holes in the plywood boards for the hinges. The hinges are now in a different place in the cupboard than in the original IKEA system.

The result of this IKEA PAX hack looks sleek.

Wardrobe doors for (custom-made) Ikea PAX wardrobes, by Hasse

IKEA PAX with fireplace in baby's room

Sometimes our handymen come up with ideas that amaze even our own creative minds. Like this IKEA PAX cabinet with fireplace - for the baby's room! Handyman Anouk ordered custom-cut MDF for the cabinet doors and the panel with the fireplace inside.

The MDF panels for the cabinet doors of the PAX wardrobe were treated with spray putty and painted black by Anouk herself. The centre panel is also a MDF panel containing an elaborate square for the fireplace.

Very original! And we still wonder, does the baby sleep well? Probably so, with such a crackling fire nearby.

Coat rack with bench in PAX cupboard

Handyman Jens ordered mitred MDF from us to build a coat rack with bench in the IKEA PAX cabinet. For the lower part, which also serves as a bench, Jens used a PAX element on its side. Clever!

The MDF boards were treated with a primer (tip from Jens: use a smooth roller) and the edges were treated with a wood glue with water. The boards were also finished nicely with a lacquer. To mount the MDF boards, Jens used only sealant. Nice colour!

Entry foyer MDF, by Jens

Looking for other IKEA hacks to make yourself?

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Getting started with your homemade IKEA PAX hacks

Did you get an idea of what you can do with an IKEA PAX cabinet? Hopefully we have inspired you to create a cool IKEA hack of your own. Of course, we would love it if you would also share your result with us and the other handymen.

All the sheet material for your IKEA PAX hack can of course be ordered from TOSIZE.de. Just perfectly cut to size and delivered smoothly to your home. That saves you a lot of sawing work. We like to make your job a lot easier!

Also consider using other materials for your PAX hack, such as industrial OSB or sturdy  phenolic plywood.

Good luck coming up with and creating your own IKEA PAX hack!

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