Make your own desk out of underlayment

A nice workplace is important to be able to focus on your work. An underlayment desk has a natural look and fits into a modern Scandinavian interior. Would you like to design your own Underlayment desk or order it as a kit? Good news! At you can easily order all materials cut to size. All you have to do is slide it together!

What is Underlayment?

Underlayment Finnish Spruce is a plywood consisting of 7 layers and is made from Finnish spruce. Like other types of plywood, Underlayment Finnish Spruce consists of several layers of wood veneer. These layers are glued together crosswise, making the board very strong and barely warpable. These are therefore directly the advantages of such types of plywood compared to solid wood. The end edges are beautiful to look at due to the layers and are often kept in sight. The only thing to bear in mind when working Underlayment Finnish Spruce is the risk of splitting.

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Underlayment has a nice neutral look which also makes it a popular material for decorative applications, such as furniture and worktops. An ideal material for a desk!

Order desk Underlayment has a large selection of wood and sheet material. You can make anything with these, but you need a bit of creativity. To stimulate that creativity, we have made a number of designs from all that material, so that it can be purchased as a kit. Handy for you as a customer. For instance, we have added sideboards, bookcases, dressers and desks to our range. We offer the furniture in various types of wood, including desks made of Underlayment Finnish Spruce.

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DIY construction kit

Are you enthusiastic about a custom-made desk from our range? Order it and you will receive your chosen Underlayment desk as a kit at home in no time, with working drawings and accessories. Does your desk include one or more drawers or doors? Then the hinges and drawer slides are pre-assembled in our sawmill. You just slide and click the parts together!

Of course, the design you are looking for may not be on our website. Then go ahead and design an underlayment desk yourself and order it easily via our web shop. How? We are happy to explain that to you below!

Making your own Underlayment desk

How nice is it to tackle your workspace and have a desk in your home that you designed yourself? You can take inspiration for a design from the desks in our range. But maybe you already have a cool design idea of your own? Make a sketch to make your idea concrete with our customisation module.

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To size desk

You design a custom desk using the maatwerkmodule on our website. This makes it easy for you to order your custom-made Underlayment desk and see the price immediately. All you have to do is send us your sketch, so we know exactly what you have in mind. In the same style and structure as the desks in our range, of course.

Make your own play table Underlayment for nursery

Want to create a nice workspace/play area in the children's room? An Underlayment desk has a natural look, making it a great addition to a children's room. For example, create a worktop with a large open compartment to store craft supplies. Or place an Underlayment board on the wall with a worktop attached. You can then attach hooks, shelves and trays to the wall board to playfully store accessories. Make it as crazy as you want, we are happy to cut it to size for you.

Based on your sketch, make a cutting list with all the supplies you need for your Underlayment desk. Have you thought about everything and what you need for it, such as for construction, assembly and finishing? Then the saw list is final and you can enter it on We will cut the Underlayment for your desk to the right dimensions, to the mm.

DIY budget desk underlayment

Want to make a cheap and stylish Underlayment desk yourself? Then let us cut an Underlayment panel to the desired size. Have the sides rounded off at 4 mm. Buy 2 trestles and lay the board on the trestles after treatment. Simplicity does not have to be boring, as this example proves. Dress up your workspace with a wall shelf or other accessories that contribute to the desired atmosphere.

Treating Underlayment

To extend the life of your desk, it is no luxury to treat the material carefully. Untreated Underlayment is slowly discoloured by UV light, giving it a yellowish colour. Also, stains quickly seep into untreated sheet material. This is not desirable when you put so much effort into making your own desk! If you want to avoid this, treat the desk with a transparent matt lacquer. First degrease the material well and then sand it lightly before applying the first coat of lacquer. Repeat this at least twice for a smooth result.

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