Make your own wooden storage box

Storage boxes from wood are very popular. Of course, it's always handy to have a good, spacious storage chest. This is especially true if you have children and lots of toys to store, but you can also use a storage chest for storing other things you'd rather have out of sight, such as tools, craft supplies or pet food. A wooden storage box is often preferred for several reasons. Firstly, wood blends in with any interior and, if desired, can be finished in a colour to match the existing interior. In addition, wood is strong and durable, which means you will enjoy your wooden storage box for a long time. Do you want to make your own wooden storage box? If so, you can order all the wood you need at a low price from

What materials do you need for a wooden storage box?

If you want to make a storage box out of wood, you will first of all need wood, of course. At you can buy wood in the type of wood you want, cut to size. It's a good idea to also use slats to reinforce the wooden storage box. Of course you will need good screws for assembling the wooden storage box and you should use a piano hinge. For the finish you can use paint, stain, oil or wax.

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Which tools do you use for the wooden storage box?

Make sure you have all the tools you need to keep working on your wood storage box. These include a cordless drill, a wood drill and a countersink. You will also need a screwdriver or a good screwdriver. A tape measure is handy, even if you have already had the wood cut to size by Did you not have the wood cut to size? Then you will also need a cross-cut saw or a handsaw. Use sandpaper to give the wooden storage chest a final sanding before painting or staining. Of course you need a good brush or roller with a paint tray for this. It is also useful to have a putty knife and a caulking gun in your possession.

What kind of wood do you use for the wooden storage box?

If you want to make a storage box from wood, you can of course use several types of wood. For example, you can take the look of wood in its natural form as a starting point when making your choice. You can, for example, go for the look of wood in its natural form when making your choice, although certain types of wood can be used better than others. You can get started with scaffolding wood planks, but you can also choose to work with sheet material. In this case, MDF, plywood or timber panel is a good choice for the wooden storage box. You can take a look at the types of wood and sheet material of to get an idea of the possibilities.

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A neat finish to the storage box made of wood

A storage box made from wood is often used by children. We often see the wooden storage box being used as a storage place for toys and this means in most cases that the storage box will also be opened and closed frequently by children. Therefore, it is important to ensure a clean finish. You don't want children to hurt themselves on splinters, sharp edges or, for example, screws that stick out of the design. Countersink all screws and putty the whole thing. Sand the entire wooden storage box to make it as smooth as possible. Then you can choose a finish with paint, varnish or stain, for example.

Making a storage box from wood with a construction drawing

There are many DIY kits available online if you want to make a storage box from wood. Many companies and individuals share designs for wooden storage chests on websites and in forums, so you will find plenty of them. This is an ideal option if you can't or don't want to design the wooden storage box yourself. Have you found a great blueprint? Make sure that it contains everything you need to know before you start building. That way, you avoid unpleasant surprises while you are working. Do you have the dimensions for the wood you need? Simply give us these dimensions online when ordering. We will then ensure that all the wood is neatly sawn to size for you.

Do you want to make a beautiful wooden storage box yourself?

Are you planning to make a good, beautiful and strong storage box from wood? Then order the quality wood from and you are assured of durable and strong wood. You are also welcome at our site for board material. You can place your order directly online and provide us with the dimensions. We will saw everything to size for you. Do you want to make a wooden storage box yourself, but first you want to know more about the various types of wood or sheet material? Then contact us without obligation.

Order the wood for your custom-made storage box at! We will saw your planks to the millimetre so you can get started right away!

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