Making a wine cabinet from wood

In a wine cabinet, you can stylishly store the finest bottles that are worth waiting for! Because the longer you wait for a good bottle, the better the wine. If you make your own wine cabinet from wood, you can design it to complement your interior. With a little creativity, you can make it fit. At you can order the wood or plate material directly in the right size. That is really handy!

How to store wine

Wine is best kept in a cool, dark place at a constant temperature. If you have a bottle with a cork, the wine will remain at its best if you keep it lying down. The cork stays in contact with the wine and therefore remains moist. This is necessary as the cork lets air through when dry, making the wine less tasty.

Wine cabinet design

There are countless ways of creating a unique wine cabinet. The choice of material also has a bearing on this. With a scaffolding wood wine rack you create a different look than when you choose MDF lacquer. In other words: robust versus modern. Do you know exactly what the wine rack should look like? Then you can immediately start drawing out your design. Make a sketch and immediately add the dimensions of the wood.

This creates a saw list that you can easily enter on the website. And if you're still looking for inspiration, read on.

Inspiration wine cabinet

The customers of create the most beautiful projects. Xander recently made a wine rack from OSB3. Simple, but no less beautiful! See for yourself and be inspired.

We also found a nice article online, showing different wine cabinets. Beautiful examples that inspire to design your own. View the examples here.

Material types

Making a wine cabinet from wood or board is a good idea! At you have come to the right place, because we have a wide range of wood and board material and we cut it straight into the right format. Do you prefer rough and robust wood, or will you go for sleek and modern? We have listed 6 very suitable materials for you:

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MDF Paintable | Tight

MDF is a commonly used board material, for example, to make furniture; a door, a casing, or a bookshelf. It is also suitable for making a wine cabinet from wood. MDF Paint Carrier is the variant on which a paint-carrying film is pressed. This layer ensures that the material does not need to be primed and you can start painting immediately. This is very handy if you want to give the material a tight finish. MDF is very easy to process: when milling and sawing, the material does not splinter. The material has a high wear resistance. Do you want to know more about MDF Paint Carrier or another type of MDF?

View here MDF Paint Carrier


OSB | Original

OSB 3 is made of wood chips that are laid out in the same direction and then pressed. This makes the board very strong. To make an OSB board, almost no waste is produced. The wood chips are already a recycled product. Therefore, OSB is becoming more and more popular and is replacing plywood in many cases, because the production of OSB is more sustainable. The material is easy to work with when making your own wine rack. Want to know more about OSB?

Plywood | Natural

Plywood has a natural look and feel and is currently seen in many interiors with Scandinavian influences. Plywood Interior Poplar and Plywood Birch are very suitable for making a wine cabinet. Plywood birch is the most popular form of interior plywood because it is the best quality choice. It is waterproof glued as standard and has a clearer wood grain compared to poplar plywood. Moreover, birch is a wood species that is much harder than poplar. It can therefore take a beating!

Carpentry panel | Warm

Timber panel is a material that gives a warm appearance through its wood grain and colour. The wood grain is subtle, but it does give the wine cabinet its natural character. And let that be a nice addition to the look of the wine cabinet. Carpentry panels are available in spruce and pine. What is the difference? Pine has a light colour whereby the knots and flames are striking. In comparison to spruce, pine is slightly more yellowish in colour and slightly heavier in weight. It is a somewhat tougher type of wood, which makes it easier to work with.

Underlayment | Contemporary

If you choose underlayment, the wine rack gets a contemporary look. The material can be found in many trendy restaurants, shops and cafés. It is originally a construction board, used to strengthen jobs. It is therefore a strong material and very suitable for making a wine rack, if you like to be unique. Underlayment Finnish Spruce is a plywood consisting of 7 layers and is made of Finnish spruce. These layers are glued crosswise to each other, which makes the board very strong and hardly works. The ends are beautiful because of the layers and are often kept in sight. The only thing to consider when working with Finnish pine underlayment is the risk of splitting. To prevent this, read the DIY tip: Professional hole drilling in sheet metal.


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