Making a wooden wall rack

Feel like giving your interior a new look with a little change? Create a wooden wall rack to display your most beautiful accessories! Standing or round? Simply make it yourself and order the material from Then you will have the material at home in no time and ready to go. Discover which material is best for you and which steps you can take to achieve the best result. Do you want to read along?

Design a wooden wall rack

A wall rack is available in many variants! You see them in the form of a rectangle attached to the wall, for example above a desk. There are very compact wall shelves that resemble the spice racks of yesteryear, but then in a larger format to store books and magazines, for example. And do you know those standing wall shelves that are an addition to the hallway or bedroom, because you can attach a full-length mirror to them? In short, there is a lot to choose from.

From inspiration to design

To arrive at a beautiful design, you start with the search for a portion of inspiration. Where you find this is different for everyone, but think for example of home magazines, home improvement shops, trendy restaurants and lunchrooms or the source of inspiration for many: Pinterest.
It can help to put together a mood board with colours, shapes and the style that suits your interior. Are you inspired by something? Then add it to your mood board and see immediately if it fits the style you have in your home.

Create working plan

By making a sketch, you can immediately find out what construction will make the wooden wall rack sturdy and what the dimensions of the whole will be. With the sketch at hand, it's easy to order customised material from But, before you get to that step, it's a good idea to decide on a type of material.

Wooden wall rack standing

Our handyman Ivonne has made an underlayment standing wooden wall rack as inspiration for the customers of We have a working description and pictures of the result. If you want, you can add all the items you need to your shopping basket with a click of a button. Curious? Check out our DIY: Make your own multifunctional wall shelf.

Share your result

Are you proud of what you have created? Share the result online with We would love it if you would send us a picture of the end result, so we can inspire others with it! Send it to Many thanks!

Material types wall shelf

Can you imagine it? Your self-conceived wooden wall rack in your home? Great idea, right? Now that your design is final, you can start looking for the most suitable type of material. We have listed them for you:


Scaffold wood gives your wooden wall rack a robust, somewhat rural look. It is a perennially popular material and it is very sturdy. For indoor use, choose the 'post-dried' variant. Wood is naturally moist and needs a lot of time to dry properly. The drier the scaffolding, the less it will work. And that is nice when you use the wood for your wooden wall rack. Want to know more?


Plywood gives your wall rack a natural look because of the visible wood grain, the wood colour and the smooth surface. You see more and more plain wood as part of an interior. plywood boards can be used for countless different projects. Plywood consists of different layers of wood veneer. These layers are glued crosswise to each other, which makes the board very strong and hardly works. These are also the advantages of plywood compared to solid wood, and that is why it is often used in constructions, for example for a made-to-measure wall rack. The visible wood grain is also a major advantage. Are you looking for a wall rack with a natural look that fits into an interior with a Scandinavian atmosphere? Then plywood, in every variant, is a suitable choice!


Underlayment is widely used for a standing wall rack. It is a modern material and can be found in homes, restaurants and public places. Underlayment Finnish Spruce is a plywood consisting of 7 layers and is made from Finnish spruce. Like other types of plywood, Finnish Underlayment consists of several layers of wood veneer. These layers are glued crosswise to each other, which makes the panel very strong and hardly works. These are also the advantages of such types of plywood compared to solid wood. The end edges are beautiful because of the layers and are often kept in sight. The only point of attention when working with Finnish pine underlayment is the risk of splitting. How to prevent this can be read in our handy tip: Professional hole drilling in sheet metal.


MDF is a popular board material that can be used for countless indoor projects and thus also for a wooden wall rack. MDF falls into the category of fibreboards. The board consists of wood fibres that are compressed under high pressure. If you choose for MDF, then the wooden wall rack will have a sleek appearance. The material is good to use in a modern or minimalist interior.

MDF Blank

MDF Natural is the most standard form and is often chosen because of its smooth surface and because it is easy to process. MDF Clear has an absorbent effect, which makes it important to treat the material well with a primer before finishing. The ends require some extra attention. To counteract the absorbing effect of the ends, there are various possibilities: use diluted wood glue with some water, putty or a special edge sealant. See our handy tip: This is how you varnish the ends of MDF.

MDF Paint Carrier

MDF Paint Carrier is provided on both sides with a paint-carrying film which makes priming the material unnecessary. The foil greatly reduces the absorbing effect of the material. The foil is on both sides, so that the risk of warping of the material is minimal. It is therefore very suitable for making a customised wooden wall rack that you want to paint.

MDF Black V313

MDF Black Water-resistant is a board made of wood fibres compressed under high pressure with a special type of waterproof glue. The addition of black pigment during the production process gives this MDF a black colour. This does not mean, however, that the board is jet black; the wood fibres give it a blended appearance. Finishing in the correct colour takes little time, because the board is produced moisture-resistant and already has a dark colour. This type of MDF is therefore very suitable in a humid environment. Do you, for example, want a wooden wall rack in the kitchen? Then choose MDF Black V313. Lacquer it with a transparent varnish or paint the wall rack in a dark colour of your choice. The ends need a little extra attention (and possibly other machined areas, for example when milling). It is best to treat these with an edge sealer.


Do you like the golden yellow wood colour of OSB? Then this material is perfect for you as the basis for your wooden wall rack. OSB  is a structurally strong board. Due to its industrial appearance, OSB is also increasingly used for decorative applications, such as for a customised wooden wall rack. Almost no waste is produced to make an OSB board. The wood chips are already a recycled product. Therefore, OSB is becoming increasingly popular and is replacing plywood in many cases, because the production of OSB is more sustainable. Because the wood chips are relatively coarse, OSB also contains less glue than chipboard or MDF, making it even more of a natural product than the other fibreboards.

Timber panel

Timber panel is mainly used for making indoor furniture. It is a solid wood panel and has a warm and natural appearance as the wood grain is visible. Lumber panel is available in Pine and Whitewood. Pine has a light colour whereby the knots and flames are visible. In comparison to Pinewood, Pine is slightly more yellowish in colour and slightly heavier in weight.


Wood and sheet material

Are you looking for other wood or sheet material for your customised wall rack? Then check out our website for the entire range.

Sawing a wall rack to size

At you can also have your wooden wall rack sawn into a special shape. A circle, triangle, rectangle and square are no problem. There are even more shapes that we offer as standard. If the desired shape is not in our current range, please send us an e-mail. Perhaps your request will lead to a more extensive range on our website. Send to!

Curious as to what shapes we can saw? Take a look at our range of shapes.

Construction kit delivered to your home

Based on your working drawing, enter the desired dimensions on our website. Give each board a reference, so that you know exactly which part it is for the job. We will place your personal reference in the form of a sticker on the relevant plank. Handy, right? We saw all parts to millimetre accuracy and package them neatly so that you can start building the job at home straight away. Did you know you can also order Accessories from us? So if you need anything else for your job, such as screws, wood glue or a drill, order it there.

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