Making an MDF radiator conversion yourself

Making an MDF radiator casing yourself is of course much cheaper than buying a new one. Real handymen like to do it themselves, but they do not like one part of the job. That is customising the parts to make it into a beautiful whole. This difficult task will gladly take off your hands. With us, you can order all the woodwork for an MDF radiator conversion, fully customised so you can get started right away. You can browse the complete Assortment of at your leisure. You are guaranteed to find products that will give you even more inspiration to get started!

Why build an MDF radiator conversion yourself?

Making an MDF radiator casing yourself is, of course, quite a job. However, doing it yourself has several advantages. When you buy a new radiator casing, it is more expensive than when you make it yourself. In addition, you have all the freedom to make the MDF radiator casing yourself as you wish. You are not bound by standard models or ranges. You do not have to choose between the two best options if both options are not entirely to your liking. Making an MDF radiator casing yourself is the solution if you want to be sure that the casing is 100 per cent to your liking. is here to make the job easier for you. For inspiration, see how  Dennis made a radiator conversion from MDF.

MDF is an excellent material

You can, of course, make a radiator casing from various materials, as long as you obviously take into account the safety of the material for this particular application. It is a good choice to make an MDF radiator casing yourself, especially as MDF offers excellent advantages. MDF stands for Medium Density Fibreboard. A difficult term, but its meaning is clear. MDF is a board material that consists of wood fibres glued together under high temperature and high pressure. A special resinous glue is used for this. Ultimately, this ensures that MDF is simply a strong and durable product.

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Good finishing possibilities of MDF

If you want to make an MDF radiator conversion yourself, then you have endless possibilities when it comes to the finish. The plate material is one of the easiest plate materials to work with. The most diverse treatments are possible, which makes it easy to make an MDF radiator casing yourself that completely meets your preferences. You can easily saw, drill, plane, sand and mill MDF. An additional advantage is that the sheet material does not splinter at all. This means that MDF is suitable for the most diverse applications and purposes. Do you want to make an MDF radiator conversion yourself and buy the material to measure? Then order what you need easily at

The fine fibre structure of MDF

The fine fibre structure of MDF offers several advantages that are certainly interesting if you want to make an MDF radiator casing yourself. Such casings simply have to be good, all year round. Temperature has hardly any influence on MDF. As a result, you hardly notice any effect of the material. This is of course very pleasant when the material is used to build a radiator casing. The bending strength of MDF is also considerably better than that of most regular types of wood. This is a nice quality when you want to make your own MDF radiator casing with room to sit.

Various other advantages of MDF

You are naturally looking for the best advantages when you want to build a radiator conversion yourself. You will find these advantages in MDF, which is why making an MDF radiator casing yourself is always a good choice. Compared to regular wood, MDF has considerably better adhesive strength. In addition, its breaking point is much higher and the material is extremely wear-resistant. This means that you can enjoy the end result for years to come if you make an MDF radiator conversion yourself. You create a product of good quality, so you can enjoy it for a long time. It is therefore not surprising that MDF is widely used in the most diverse industries.

Not only for an MDF radiator conversion

Of course, you can make an MDF radiator casing yourself, but as a real handyman, why stop at the casing for a radiator? MDF is a material that can be used in many ways and you can really do anything with it. It can be used to make wall decorations, window sills and cabinets. Various high-quality pieces of furniture are made from MDF and the material is also very suitable for doors and doorposts. These are just a few of the options. Once you have acquired a taste for it, you can make anything with MDF. So you don't have to stop at making an MDF radiator casing yourself. Of course, we are here to make any job a little easier for you, by fully customising the MDF plate material. This is a free service that we offer you.

Are you going to make your MDF radiator casing yourself?

Have you become enthusiastic and do you want to make an MDF radiator casing yourself? Then it's time to get started! Take a look at our  Assortment and order what you need. We saw everything to the millimetre for you. Would you like to make your MDF radiator casing yourself, but are not sure what you need or how to place the right order? We will be happy to help you. Our expert customer service is ready to provide you with all the necessary information. Are you going to make your MDF radiator casing yourself and want some professional advice? is there for you. Contact us without obligation.

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