Making your own to size table top

Want to make your own custom-made table top? A beautiful tabletop is an atmospheric element in your interior. At we will cut your tabletop to size and deliver it to your home quickly. In this article, we look at making a tabletop for your dining table or coffee table and share tips and inspiration from our handymen.

How to make your own to size tabletop?

You can, of course, make a table top all by yourself. But with the help of, you can make things a lot easier for yourself. Because with us, you simply order your table top to size. You can choose from many materiaalsoorten and thicknesses. We can also cut your tabletop into different shapes and finish the edge in various ways. You can read more about this in this article.

What items do you need to make a to size table top?

Before you get started assembling your table top, it is necessary to get some things ready.

  • Cordless drill: to easily pre-drill holes and mount the legs or base to your table top
  • Graph paper, pencil, eraser, ruler: to make a drawing of your table
  • Primer, edge sealer, lacquer or other finishing agent: most timbers from have yet to be finished
  • Sandpaper: always handy to have on hand, to smooth away unevenness or neatly sand your drill holes
  • Tape measure or folding rule: to correctly measure the position of the table legs or base, and to order a table top in the right size from us
  • Level: to get your table top nice and level

How big is a table top?

The dimensions of your made-to-measure table top are of course up to you. Think about this carefully in advance. How much space do you have in the room where you want to place the table? And how many people should be able to sit at the table (in the case of a dining table)? How wide are the chairs you put under the table?

Indicatively, you can take the following into account: A dining table for six usually has a size of 200.0 cm × 100.0 cm. A round dining table for six people usually has a diameter of around 150.0 cm.

A standard coffee table has dimensions of around 60.0 cm to 120.0 cm.

But, it's your project. You decide entirely how big or small your table will be! So did handyman Nico, who made a large, elliptical coffee table measuring 210.0 cm.

Oval coffee table with side table, by Nico

How thick is a table top?

Among our handymen, we often see a thickness of 30 mm or 40 mm for a dining table. A table top of this thickness gives the top real body and contributes to a robust, solid look. 

For a coffee table, a tabletop of around 20 mm or 30 mm is common. However, a thicker top can also be beautiful for a coffee table or side table. 

In our webshop, you can order wood types in the thickness you want, ranging from 6 mm to 40 mm. 

What is the shape of a table top?

A standard table top has a square, rectangular, oval or round shape. In our webshop, you can order table tops in different shapes. 

Think rectangle with rounded corners, rectangle with bevel, triangle, circle or oval. 

However, also offers special and unusual shapes. How about a tabletop in the shape of a star, an arrow, a kite or a polygon? We will cut it to size for you! 

How to make a drawing for a tabletop?

Creating a drawing for a table top will not always be necessary. But, it can be useful when you don't yet know exactly how you are going to assemble the table top. Or when you are unsure about the size of your table. 

In any case, think carefully about your design, materials and construction beforehand when you make a drawing or sketch. 

You can just use a pencil with squared paper, a ruler and an eraser for your sketch. Draw the whole room, including other furniture, if you want to get a good idea of the space your new table will take up. You can also use painter's tape to tape off the outer dimensions of the table in your room. 

You can also create a working drawing with online programmes, such as SketchUp or FreeCAD.

Which chassis are you using?

At, you order a custom-made table top. The base, the table legs or table frame, is something you have to take care of yourself. You have many options for that.

You can choose to use separate table legs. Carefully measure the positions at which the table legs should be attached to the table top. Pre-drill the table top and screw in the screws (using a washer if necessary). Use a drill stop or a piece of tape on the drill bit to prevent you from drilling through the leaf. An example of a DIY project with loose table legs is luc's dining table

Round table with sleek plywood birch edge, by Luc

Another option is to use a U-leg. A U-leg is often a little easier to assemble, but it does limit the seating space at the head of the table. 

In the case of a round table, a cross leg or a spider leg is a good option. You mount these in the centre of the table. The advantage of this is that you can sit all around the table. It can also look very cool.

If you are very handy, then make the base yourself. Like handyman talent Maup has done with this rustic oak table. Or use scaffolding tubes to make a frame. Of course, making the base yourself requires a bit more of your handyman skills.

To size country oak table, by Maup

The options for the base of your tabletop are endless. You can also put wheels under your table, for example. Be sure to check out DIY projects from our handymen for inspiration!

Driving, oval bench table with Walnut Carpentry panel, by Paul

What material do you use for a to size table top?

For a table top, you want a solid type of wood. Which type you choose depends on your taste. You can choose from MDF, plywood, plywood, OSB, concrete plywood, underlayment, furniture panels, chipboard, joinery panels and HPL, among others. 

Our handymen often see the following materials for table tops: 


Plywood panels are real all-rounders. The material has a natural appearance. The visible veneer layers give the wood a special, tough character. Plywood consists of several layers of wood veneer. Because the layers are glued together crosswise, a strong board is created.


OSB is a fibreboard consisting of glued wood chips. Due to its industrial look, OSB is increasingly used for decorative applications such as furniture and table tops. It gives your table a unique character!

Timber board

Timber panel is widely used for table tops because they are solid wood panels of high quality. Commonly used panels of lumber panel are oak, spruce and pine. These all have a natural look and you can finish them as you wish. Perfect when you are looking for a warm or luxurious look.


MDF is one of the most versatile types of board material and we see it regularly as a tabletop. It is easy to work with and does not splinter. We have many variants of MDF in stock. For example, you can choose from clear MDF, but also MDF with a lacquer backing, primed MDF or black MDF.

How do you finish a table top?

A crucial part of a custom-made table top is the finish. After all, a table top gets a lot to endure, such as accidental drinks, slipped felt-tip pens or scratches from keys. The wood you order from is untreated. A good finish extends the life of the table top.

Top finish

You can sand the top slightly (depending on the type of material) and then stain, oil or varnish it. You can still change the tone or colour of the wood with the type of finish you apply. You can make it deeper in colour or give it a nice glossy finish, for example.

Edge finishing

The edge of the table top deserves special attention. For example, you can order a table top from us with an ABS-band. That is a plastic layer 1 or 2 mm thick that in principle does not need any further treatment.

If you order a top without ABS tape, you will have to treat it yourself with a stain, oil or lacquer. This can also be very nice, as you will see the different layers of wood.

Examples of table tops made by our handymen

Many handymen preceded you and ordered a custom-made table top from us. To inspire you, we have listed a number of DIY projects for you below.

Oak coffee table top

Carolien ordered a large oak top for her coffee table. She varnished it four times with parquet lacquer to protect the wood.

Coffee table top replaced with oak top made to measure, by Carolien

Dining table and coffee table in the same style

This beautiful dining table and matching lounge table from Spruce Lumber Panel look great in Arvid's room!

Tough table and matching coffee table, by Arvid

Oval dining table with concrete ciré

Handyman Mark went big with this unusual oval MDF dining table. He attached 2 blank MDF boards to each other and provided them with primer and stucco mesh. After several other treatments, he finished the table with concrete ciré and a two-component paint. The result is impressive!

Oval table top finished with Concrete Cire, by ByMaes Dezign

Round table made of painted OSB

Handyman Jan Willem proves that you can also do special things with OSB. He made this round dining table from OSB on an iron leg. The result is a beautiful table he can sit at with his family.

Round black table made of painted OSB, by Jan Willem

Plywood canteen table

This plywood canteen table is finished with a dark walnut lacquer for a special colour. The glossy lacquer and sturdy base complete the table.

Strong and practical custom-made table top, by Wouter

Epoxy MDF dining tables

Faralda made these unusual dining tables out of MDF. Working with epoxy casting resin, the result looks just like natural stone.

Epoxy dining tables with an MDF base, by Faralda

Plywood dining table with transparent edge

That a transparent lacquered edge can provide a nice contrast to the table top, handyman Yvonne proves with this multiplex dining table..

Black painted plywood dining table, with wooden edge, by Yvonne

Uneven dining table for wheelchair user

What do you do if, as a wheelchair user, you need a different table height than your housemate? Then you simply make your own uneven-height table. Handyman Diana used an uneven cross leg for this.

Dining table made of 40 mm spruce timber panel with raised top for wheelchair user

Elegant dining table with milled corner profiles

To make your table top extra sturdy, you can router corner profiles under the table top. Handyman did the same with this elegant plywood dining table

Elegant dining table made of plywood poplar, by Frans

Getting started with your own tabletop

Are you ready to get started on your own custom-made tabletop? At least now you know how to go about it and what your options are. In any case, we will be happy to help you with a perfectly custom-made tabletop.


Hopefully we have inspired you to make it a great job!