What are the 6 most common hinges?

Looking for the best hinges for your job? We selected the 6 most common hinges.

Looking for hinges that best suit your job? TOSIZE.de has an extensive range of accessories, including hinges for doors, cabinets and drawers. The choice is endless, so we selected the 6 most common hinges. Based on the characteristics of the hinge, you can make your own choice. Good luck!

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These are the 6 most common hinges

  1. Furniture hinge
  2. Flap hinge
  3. Piano hinge
  4. Ball joint
  5. Paumelle
  6. Kitchen cabinet hinge

What is a furniture hinge?

Furniture hinges are the basis of the standard hinges. If you need a simple hinge for your job that does not carry too much load, this is the hinge you can use. Furniture hinges are also called fixed-pin hinges, because the two plates rotate around the pin. Furniture hinges are available in different types of material, so that you can choose the right material to suit the application of your job!

What is a flap hinge?

Flap hinges are made for supporting flaps. They are very similar to furniture hinges and are designed so that the mounting plates have a stronger connection to the wood, simply because they are longer, and can therefore withstand more pressure. This is ideal hardware for chests, for example a toy chest.

What is a piano hinge?

A piano hinge is a long and thin hinge. It has this name because this hinge is often used for pianos. It is easy to mount, because it can be attached directly to the door or cabinet. The disadvantage is that it is more difficult to adjust a piano hinge. You cut the hinge to the right size with a hacksaw.

What is a ball joint?

In a ball joint, the two parts are connected by a loose pin and steel ball bearings. A ball hinge is ideal for use when mounting a window or door, for example. It is a simple and strong hinge. Assembly is simple.

What is a hinge?

A hinge is similar to a standard hinge in the way it works. There are two fixing plates and a pin on which the two plates can rotate. With a hinge, however, the pin is attached to one fixing plate and the other can easily be placed on top of it, causing the pin to slide in. This allows the material to which it is attached to be easily released. Hinges are frequently used for doors. There are many types and sizes of split hinges.

What is a kitchen cabinet hinge?

Kitchen cabinet hinges are hinges that work without a pin and are also called pot hinges or drill-in hinges. These hinges can be concealed, so that, for example, cupboard doors can be connected to each other almost seamlessly. Furthermore, these hinges often have an 'open position', which means that they have a fixed position when they are open and therefore do not move back and forth. The soft-close system ensures that they close silently. Installing a kitchen hinge is easy, provided you have the right tools. It is necessary to drill a round hole in the door with a pencil drill so that the hinge can be inserted. The great advantage of these hinges is that they are adjustable, even after assembly.

Choose the type of material, depending on the application

Are you sure you have the right hinge for your job? Then check what material the hinge is available in, depending on your application. Imagine that you are doing something for the outside, then it is best to choose a stainless steel hinge. This is resistant to various weather conditions and remains beautiful for longer. Will you use the hinge indoors or for a decorative application? Then you can choose hinges in a material such as brass or metal.

 These are 6 of the many hinges we have in our range. Have we informed you enough? Then take a look at our accessories and order the hinge that fits your job!

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