What is OSB? We tell you more

Have you heard about OSB board and are you curious about what you can use it for? We tell you everything about it, from production to application! We will tell you where you can use it and what style it suits. Are you reading this?

OSB: tough, strong and durable

You see it more and more these days; OSB. A robust-looking board material in which you can clearly see the coarse pieces of wood. Originally, this material was used a lot as constructional board material, but nowadays it is also used more often in furniture- and interior building. Its robust appearance fits in very well with an industrial style. Are you curious about how OSB is made and in what situations you can use it? In this article we tell you all about it.

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The structure of OSB

Oriented Strand Board consists of wood chips, which you have probably already seen. These wood chips are pressed under high pressure into a board. This is why OSB falls under the category of fibre boards, just like MDF and chipboard. During production, the best wood chips are selected and placed on a conveyor belt. During this process, the chips are all laid out lengthwise (which is why it is called Oriented Strand Board). Next, the chips are soaked in a binder and paraffin, creating a kind of mat. Three of these mats are then laid crosswise on top of each other and pressed under high pressure into a board.

The properties of OSB

This production process gives OSB board material a number of unique properties. For example, these boards will not warp under the influence of moisture, which can happen with solid wood. OSB board will also bend less quickly than, for example, MDF and chipboard. In addition, it has a fairly rough surface and the structure of the wood chips can still be felt.


OSB is divided into four strength classes, simply class 1 to class 4. Class 1 is the least strong variant of OSB and is therefore rarely used. Class 4 is very strong and has improved moisture-resistant properties. However, class 4 OSB is not widely available as it is made to meet specific French requirements. The strongest OSB available in the Netherlands is therefore OSB 3.

Decorative OSB

Because OSB board is increasingly being left in sight, decorative variants of it have been developed. In these variants, the top and bottom edges are planed flat and painted matt. This means that you do not have to do anything to the edges. These lacquered variants are available in several colours, of which transparent, grey, white and black are the most popular ones.

Applications of OSB

As there are many different reasons why people choose OSB, there are also many different applications. We have listed the three most common applications for you.


OSB is, of course, most commonly used for structural applications. It is used for example in floors, partitions, cavity walls and roofing elements. In these cases, the material is no longer visible after finishing. In smaller DIY projects, these load-bearing parts may still be visible, for example on the inside of a simple roof or shed.


Its tough appearance means that OSB is also increasingly used for furniture. When you use this board material for furniture, you can use it just like any other wood. You see it for example in cabinets, table tops, kitchens and beds. Often it is sanded or planed for these applications. The furniture in our collection and that you can make yourself with our custom configurator can also be made of OSB.


OSB is also increasingly used for decorative interior parts. The robust appearance of the material is used mainly for these applications. For example, wall shelves are made of OSB and partition walls are also becoming more common. Especially in the trendier concept shops and pop-up shops, OSB is used for shop fitting. This is often done alongside, or in combination with, Finnish spruce Underlayment and Poplar Interior Plywood.

Working with OSB

If you are going to work with OSB, there are a number of things you need to take into account. For a beautiful, durable and safe application it is important to treat the board material well. Especially the ends need extra attention. To prevent splinters, scrapes and damage, it is important to sand these sides well. To increase the moisture resistant properties, it is recommended that the ends are also lacquered or painted. This is particularly recommended if you intend to use the OSB in damp rooms.

Ordering OSB to size

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