Wooden dining table made to measure

A custom-made wooden dining table is an attractive addition to any interior. With the help of TOSIZE.de you can easily make it yourself! Yes, really! We cut the material to exactly the size you need. Whether it is a round wooden table top or a rectangle. Would you like to know which material is the best choice for you and what possibilities there are? Then read on!

Wooden dining table design

Many people find the room with the dining table the cosiest place in the house! We don't find that strange, because it's the place where everyone in the family comes together. It is the meeting place of every home! A little extra attention to a wooden dining table is therefore no luxury. The wooden table should suit the composition of the family and the space in the house. In some cases, a round table may be a suitable design, but a square or rectangular table are also good options. It all starts with a good design!

Make a sketch

Do you already have an idea for a beautiful design of a wooden dining table? Or are you just looking for inspiration to come up with a nice design? We want to challenge you to get to work with pencil and paper yourself! Start by making a list of the features that the table should definitely have. This could be that you need storage space under the wooden tabletop or that you are looking for lots of seating because of the size of your family! This will influence the final design, so it is useful to determine these things first.

Find inspiration

In the search for a suitable wooden table, you can also look for inspiration. Home magazines, home blogs and Pinterest help you do that. Collect some examples that inspire you and then create your own design with pencil and paper. How nice when you are sitting at the dining table you designed yourself!

Wooden dining table shapes

A round wooden tabletop is a unique choice! In many homes, you see a table with a top in the shape of a rectangle. It is a practical choice, as it can easily accommodate many chairs. But if you want an eye-catcher in your home that will impress every guest, go for a wooden dining table. Then go for a wooden dining table in a different shape. At TOSIZE.de you can easily order wood and board in forms and with different finishes. Making a round table top has never been easier! A rectangle with rounded or bevelled edges is also a cool and contemporary alternative.

A great advantage of a round table is that you can look straight at everyone at the table. It also takes up less space, making it a suitable choice if you have a small living room/kitchen. A square or rectangular wooden dining table looks a little more sleek and can seat more people.

Shapes and finishes

At TOSIZE.de you can order a round, square or rectangular wooden dining table. We can easily cut the dimensions to fit perfectly into your interior! We can even make a rounded edge for you. This makes the straight edge a little rounder, which makes it easier to lean on with your arms! It also gives the wooden table a subtle, soft look.

See all forms and finishes we can cut on our website.

Possible materials

The choice of materials to make your dining table is endless! We would like to give you an overview of the most popular materials for a wooden dining table. Depending on your taste and budget, you can make your choice.

MDF | Taut, modern

MDF comes in many varieties and if you choose MDF, you should know that the material will be smooth and sleek. MDF falls into the category of fibreboard. The board consists of wood fibres that are compressed under high pressure and the material has a high resistance to wear. A wooden dining table made of MDF fits into a modern interior, but it can also be a tranquil addition to an eccentric or exuberant living style.

MDF is also available in many different thicknesses. Are you looking for thicker MDF? Then consider building your wooden tabletop from multiple layers of MDF. Sand the edges and make them even by treating the ends of the MDF with an edge sealer. Also read our handy tip: This is how you varnish the ends of MDF. We will be happy to tell you more about the different types.

MDF Blank

MDF Natural is a popular board material that can be used for countless interior projects. MDF Clear is the most standard form and is often chosen for its smooth surface and because it is easy to work with. It is also the cheapest choice if you want to finish your project with a lacquer. This is also advisable for a wooden dining table, to protect the material from moisture, dirt and knocks. Is painting not your favourite activity? Then choose MDF lacquer.

Want to know more about MDF Blank? Watch our video about MDF Blank.

MDF Paint Carrier

MDF Paint Carrier is a board material on which a paint-carrying film is pressed, which makes priming the material unnecessary. Because of the foil, the absorbing effect of the material is greatly reduced. Super convenient if you want to paint the material in a colour that matches your interior.

Want to know more about MDF Paint Wear? Watch our video on MDF paint wear.

MDF Black V313

Do you want to paint your custom-made wooden dining table in a dark colour? Then MDF Black Water-resistant is a good option for you. Black MDF uses a special type of waterproof glue and is compressed under higher pressure than, for example, clear MDF. The wood fibres are mixed with a black pigment, which gives the board a black colour right to the core. However, this does not mean that the board is jet black; the wood fibres give it a blended appearance. Painting is therefore still necessary to obtain an even covering black.

Want to know more about MDF Black V313? Watch our video about MDF Black V313.

Birch plywood | Atmospheric and natural

Plywood Birch is the most popular form of plywood interior, as it is the best quality choice. It is glued waterproof as standard and has a clearer wood grain compared to poplar plywood, for example. Moreover, birch is a wood species that is much harder than poplar. It can therefore take a beating! This also makes the material more durable and well-suited to making a wooden dining table.

The wood grain

With plywood, a wood grain is visible. This gives the wooden table a warm and attractive appearance. The drawing of the wood grain always runs lengthwise. When sawing the board, we maintain that the length is also the length of the wood grain. So pay close attention when filling in the dimensions, so that the flames of the wood grain run in the right direction!

Want to know more? Watch our video on Birch plywood.

Carpentry panel Pine or Spruce | Natural & strong

Lumber panels come in two varieties, namely pine and spruce. Find out what material it is and take it into consideration in your search for a suitable material for a wooden dining table.

Timber panel

Timber panel is mainly used for making indoor furniture. It is a solid wood panel and has a warm and natural appearance because the wood grain is visible. Beautiful material for making a wooden dining table to measure!

Spruce wood has a light colour whereby the knots and flames are striking. Compared to pine, spruce is slightly lighter in colour and weight. Spruce is a somewhat softer type of wood and odourless.


Machining and treatment of carpentry panels

Pinewood joinery panel is easy to work with. You can finish it with a clear varnish or stain, but also with a coloured varnish for a more opaque result. The joinery panel has minimal movement, which is a fine feature when used as a material for the wooden dining table.

Want to know more?Watch our video on Spruce Carpentry Panel.

Pine joinery panel

Pine joinery panel is, like Timmerpaneel Vuren, mainly used for making indoor furniture, e.g. wooden tables. It is also a solid wood panel and has a warm and natural appearance as the wood grain is visible.
Pine has a light colour whereby the knots and flames are prominent. Compared to pine, pine is slightly more yellowish in colour and slightly heavier in weight.


Machining and treatment of carpentry panels

Compared to pine, pine is a somewhat tougher type of wood, which makes it easier to work. When working pine, a specific smell is released, but this soon disappears. You can finish a pine panel dining table with clear varnish or stain, but also with a coloured varnish for a more opaque result.

Want to know more? Watch our video on Pine Carpentry Panel.


Pine or pine joinery panel, which do you choose?

Will you choose Pine or Pine Cladding Panel? The materials look almost identical, although Pine joinery panel is a little more yellow and has a slightly higher price. It depends on your personal preference which of the two types of wood you choose.

Scaffoldwood | Tough and robust

Scaffoldwood is a widely used material for a dining table. It is a perennially popular material and gives a robust and sturdy result. Scaffoldwood is made of pinewood. This is a strong type of wood that is also suitable for outdoor use. The disadvantage of pinewood is that it works and that it can be somewhat irregular. If you take this into account when making the panelling, this does not have to be a problem!

You have scaffolding boards that are post-dried. This means that the wood has been allowed to dry a little longer and therefore contains less moisture. Especially indoors the air is often a bit drier, so if you would put fresh wood inside directly, it would shrink too fast and therefore split. Therefore, for indoor projects, choose the 'post-dried' version.

Tailor-made dining table frame

Making a custom-made wooden tabletop is only the beginning. Then comes the assembly of the base to make it into a table. There are many table legs available that you can choose to fit under your wooden tabletop. Will you go for metal table legs, steel legs or a table with an iron base? Or do you prefer wood in the same material as the table top, or a more rugged combination?

And what shape should you choose for the undercarriage? An 'X', a 'U', a butterfly foot, a cross foot or a monastery foot? And are you familiar with the hairpin legs as shown in the picture?

Making your own base

Of course, you can also make your own base from wood. The TOSIZE.de can help you with that! For example, choose the shape: rectangle with long bevel. This shape has two right angles. The two widths of the beveled long sides are different.

Look here for an overview of theforms we can cut.