• An online timber trade and an online sawmill!

An online timber trade and an online sawmill!

As a handyman, you always have to search for where to buy your materials. You can easily buy whole boards, beams and slats at a DIY store, but often the supply is limited. Also the transport of the material can cause problems. Large materials do not fit in an average car and there is also a risk of damaging the material.

What is an online timber trade?

The growing popularity of internet shops has given rise to the online timber trade. An online timber trade sells timber and board material online via a webshop.

An online timber trade has many advantages for the customer. The supply of board material is often greater than in a DIY store because there is no need for a showroom where all the material is displayed, and for that reason it is often better priced.

Another big advantage is that (many) online timber merchants also offer home delivery, so you do not have to arrange a large car or trailer yourself.

As a handyman, you will have to treat the wood and sheet material you buy yourself. For many projects, it will have to be sawn to size and further finished. You can do this yourself, but it will take quite some time. If you are not an experienced handyman yet, the quality of the sawing work can also be a lot lower, which also affects the quality of the end product.

One option is to have the wood and sheet material cut to size at a sawmill. An online sawmill offers not only online ordering of wood and board material, but also customised sawing and often works much more precisely than the average handyman. By using computer-controlled sawing machines, the work can be done very precisely and there are forms and finishes that can be made that an average handyman does not have the skills and equipment for.

What is an online sawmill?

An online sawmill is an internet shop that offers various types of wood and sheet material that they can saw to size.

An online sawmill brings the entire process of ordering timber and board material (online), cutting it to size and delivering it under one roof. The online sawmill itself purchases the materials and saws the parts that customers order to size. Because of the advanced equipment in the sawmill, this sawing work is more precise than what the average handyman can do at home and even more precise than the big construction markets. Besides the standard squares and rectangles, sawmills can also often saw in more shapes than the sawing service of a DIY store and an average handyman. For example, advanced online sawmills can also saw in circles, parallelograms and trapezoids.

In addition to different shapes, the end edges can also be finished in different ways. For example, mitre cuts can be made, corners can be rounded or chamfered and corners with a hollow profile or a quarter-round finish can also be made. These are finishes that you cannot always achieve at home as neatly as a sawmill can.

If you have had the material completely cut to your requirements, you can also have it delivered to your home by a delivery service. This is often cheaper than delivering whole boards, beams or slats because they simply take up less space. So you get the wood and board material fully sawn and finished at home, so that you can immediately continue with the treatment of your material and the assembly of your job!

Ordering at the online timber trade and sawmill

Besides the many advantages of an online timber trade, we believe in the added value of an online sawmill. That is why we have set up our own online sawmill! At TOSIZE.de, we have an ever-growing range of timber and board material that we saw to the millimetre. In addition, we can saw the sheet material in different shapes and with different finishes. We also offer customised furniture made from different types of sheet material. You can choose from our collection or design it yourself and have it sawn to size by us.

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