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Sheet material is usually sold in large sheets. This is ideal if you want to be able to saw (several) shapes from it, but to transport it is of course far from convenient. Cutting sheet material to size saves a lot of space, but it is even easier to have it delivered! At we saw a wide range of wood and board material to size and you can have it delivered to your home. We will be happy to tell you more about it!

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The types of sheet material in our range

In our assortment, we offer different types of sheet material. So there is a suitable material for every job. We have various fibreboards such as MDF, Chipboard, Furniture panel, OSB, Hardboard and Softboard. Also boards made of solid wood such as plywood, concrete plywood, underlayment and carpentry panels can be found in our assortment. Besides wooden plate material, we also sell synthetic material and HPL plates. Naturally, we cut all board material to size, down to the last millimetre.

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MDF is one of the most popular board materials. A major reason for this is the versatility of the material. Because it is made of wood fibres that are glued and then pressed into a board, it is easy to process and has a high bending strength. MDF is produced in many different variants, for every application there is a suitable variant of MDF! There is a moisture-resistant variant, a variant for outdoor applications and variants with a primer or a lacquer-bearing film. Furthermore, there are fire retardant, formaldehyde-free and coloured variants.


Chipboard is mainly used to make furniture, many large home improvement shops sell furniture made from chipboard. However, it is often not visible on finished furniture; this is because a nice top layer is often applied to finish it off. This top layer can be made of plastic and is then available in different colours and patterns. Wood veneer is also used. A thin layer of solid wood is then applied to the chipboard, giving the material a natural look.

Furniture and Carpentry Panels

Furniture boards are often made from chipboard and then finished with a top layer and edge trim on the long sides. This reduces the number of edges to be finished and allows the material to be used straight away for some applications! Timberboards are made of solid wood which is glued together crosswise. This gives it a classic look. It does need to be pre-treated to prevent warping.


Plywood is made from multiple thin layers of wood veneer, glued together crosswise. This makes it a strong board material that hardly works and still has a natural look. At the ends, you can see that the material consists of multiple layers and that gives a nice look. Plywood is made of different wood species, each with specific characteristics. We offer birch plywood, hardwood plywood and poplar plywood.

Phenolic Plywood

Phenolic Plywood is made from a base of plywood. A synthetic top layer of phenolic resin is then applied to the top and bottom. This layer is very strong and also scratch and impact resistant. This makes concreteplex a very strong plate material which, if the sides are treated well, can also resist moisture.


Board is a collective term for hardboard, laminboard and softboard. These boards are pressed without using glue and therefore have special properties. Both materials are very light and do not tolerate moisture well. Hardboard is very thin and has one flat side and one side with a wavy structure. Softboard is somewhat thicker and softer and has insulating qualities.


OSB is made from wood chips and you can see it right away. The entire board is covered with coarse pieces of wood that are pressed together. OSB is a very strong board material that is often used in construction, but nowadays you also see it more and more often in furniture in an industrial style.


Underlayment is made in the same way as plywood but often has a much coarser appearance. It is therefore a panel material that is used mainly in the construction industry. Some variants of underlayment (such as our Underlayment Finnish Spruce) do have a good visual quality and are therefore excellent for visual work.

Ordering sheet material to size online

All the sheet material we offer can be ordered to size from us. With our handy tool, you can easily enter the desired dimensions and you can even order the plate material in different shapes or with different finishes. For example, you can order square, rectangular and round plate material and finish it with, among others, a mitre edge, a rounded or bevelled corner, a hollow profile and a quarter-round finish.

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