• Chipboard: free of charge, cut to size

Chipboard: free of charge, cut to size

Chipboard: free of charge, cut to size

Are you looking for cut-to-size Chipboard? Order your board quickly and easily at TOSIZE.de. Choose your desired finish, thickness and dimensions and we will cut your chipboard to size free of charge. Take advantage of our fast delivery: you will receive your order within working days.

The advantages of chipboard

Chipboard is made from sawdust, shavings and glue that are pressed together under high pressure. More than three-quarters of the panel material is made from waste wood, making it an economically sustainable product. Chipboard is a strong board and especially suitable for interior applications.

The board material can be used both structurally and non-structurally: as a covering for floors, roofs and walls, as a stiffening board, as an interior lining or as a subfloor. For indoor projects, chipboard is a strong board material that is easy to work with.

  • Easy to saw and screw
  • Strong board material
  • Lightweight
  • Relatively cheap board material

Chipboard natural

The neutral wood appearance of chipboard natural makes the board material very suitable for further finishing. This includes the application of coatings, veneers or plastic foils with various prints. Chipboard natural is not suitable for outdoor use due to its absorbent properties. The board material easily absorbs moisture and expands as a result.

Chipboard white

Chipboard white is intended for interior use and is used in particular in the furniture industry and in interior design. The board material is melamine-coated on both sides and is therefore immediately ready for use. Chipboard white is used, among other things, as an interior lining for cupboards or as a furniture panel.


Chipboard cut to size free of charge

Unnecessary sawing waste is a thing of the past, because with us you can order your chipboard in exactly the desired dimensions quickly and easily. You only pay for the square metres that you actually need. There is no need to pay per cut: we cut your chipboard to size free of charge. Use our delivery service and your order will be delivered within working days.

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