Common applications for chipboard

The common applications of chipboard are versatile, especially when it is desirable that the final project does not weigh too much. This is because particle board is a very light board material. This is why particle board is often used to make furniture. It is good to know that there are several variants of chipboard. For certain common applications of chipboard, it is best to choose a specific variant. Of course, we will tell you more about the different types. Want to buy high-quality chipboard? Then is the place to go. We will cut the board to size just the way you want it, so you don't have to spend your energy on sawing it yourself. Of course, we can deliver your order to the address of your choice.

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How chipboard is made

Chipboard is made from wood chips. Chips are very small pieces of wood and this means that chipboard is basically a fibreboard, a board made of wood fibres. The chips are mixed with a binding agent during the production process. In most cases, the choice is made to use synthetic resin. They are then pressed together at a hot temperature. This results in a strong board material that is very lightweight, certainly in comparison with many other board materials.

Various types of chipboard for various applications

Chipboard is available in many different variants. Several common applications of chipboard require a special type of chipboard. For example, there is a green coloured variant, which has special moisture resistant qualities. There are also variants with a finished top layer. These top layers are available in many different colours and structures.

Finishing bands in common applications of chipboard

In many applications of chipboard, it is often necessary to neatly finish visible edges. You can then choose to have ABS tape applied. ABS is a type of plastic that is extremely strong. This material ensures optimal protection of the chipboard edges.

Buy chipboard for various applications

Have the common applications of chipboard inspired you and are you planning to start your own project made of chipboard? If so, is the place to buy particle board for a variety of applications, both the common ones and the less common ones. During the ordering process, you can enter how large the sheets should be. We will then neatly cut the sheets to size for you. This is part of our versatile service. You can order cut-to-size chipboard from us and come and collect it from our premises. If you wish, we can also arrange for the board to be delivered to the desired location. Do you have any questions about the common applications of chipboard or about the board itself? Please feel free to contact us.

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