Common applications for MDF

There are quite a few applications of MDF, Also called Medium Density Fibreboard. MDF consists of wood fibres that are mixed with glue and then dry-pressed into a strong board. There are many applications for MDF, because the board material offers excellent properties for many purposes. Do you want to work with MDF? Then you can buy MDF online at

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Common applications for MDF depend on the type of

MDF is certainly not standard. It is available in many different types and the common applications of MDF are related to this. If moisture-resistant qualities are required MDF Moisture resistant V313 a good choice. In addition to the moisture-resistant variant, there is also a variant for exterior applications, namely MDF Exterior. For the most extreme outdoor applications, there is MDF Tricoya. For applications where fire retardant qualities are important, the following can be chosen r MDF Fire Retardant.

Do you want to work with MDF without formaldehyde? Then choose MDF Ecologique. This variant is often found in places where air purity is extremely important or where there are many temperature changes, for example in laboratories and boiler rooms. For more decorative applications, there is coloured MDF. These are available in, among other things​​​​​​​ black, grey, red, blue, yellow and brown.

What are common applications for MDF?

There are many common applications of MDF especially since  MDF is easy to process and offers good properties. These are the applications of MDF:

  • Doors
  • Cabinets
  • Coffins
  • Door frames and skirting boards
  • Kitchen fronts
  • Furniture pieces
  • Wall and ceiling decorations
  • Conversions for beds
  • Toilet seats
  • Shoe heels
  • Window sills
  • Toys
  • Banisters

The important advantages of MDF

It is not surprising that there are very many common applications of​​​​​​​ MDF. The sheet material offers many interesting advantages. For example, it can be easily milled into the most diverse shapes. The material does not splinter, as it consists of a very fine fibre structure. All connection systems can be used for MDF and almost all MDF thicknesses are strong enough for constructive interior applications. The board material does not shrink or swell due to changes in temperature and moisture. In addition, the bending strength of MDF is very high. The breaking point is very high and you benefit from the exceptional wear resistance of MDF. Countersinking screws in MDF is also very easy.

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