Common applications for OSB

The common applications of OSB There are various applications, but one of the most common is the realisation of good subfloors. OSB, also known as Oriented Strand Board, is extremely suitable for this purpose. There are many different common applications for OSB, because over the years more and more possible applications have been discovered. It is therefore true that the board material has been around for a very long time. Do you want to work with OSB? Then you can order good quality OSB at OSB of good quality. We offer a complete service, including sawing all our board material to size, including OSB, of course. Order online and have everything cut to size to save you time and effort. We can deliver your order. So we always offer you a service that suits you.

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What are the advantages of OSB?

For various common applications of OSB. Plywood was previously chosen. OSB has thus taken over the use of plywood in certain areas. This is mainly due to the advantages of OSB over plywood or triplex. For example, twice as much energy is used in the production of plywoaod as in the production of OSB, making OSB a more sustainable and cheaper choice. OSB also has better insulating properties compared with plywood. Plywood has a much more even appearance, but for many construction applications this does not play a role. OSB is often used in these applications.

Diverse klassen voor veelgebruikte toepassingen van OSB

OSB is available in several classes. For several common applications of OSB, it is important to pay attention to this when purchasing the board material. Do you want to be able to use OSB sheets in dry and humid conditions for heavily loaded structures? Then it is best to choose class OSB 3. For load-bearing structures that are not specifically subject to heavy loads, OSB 2 is the best choice. This class of OSB is used for decorative applications. There is also OSB 4, which is extra strong, but this was specifically made to meet certain requirements in countries such as France and is therefore not widely available in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, OSB 3 is the strongest, most common variant. This is also the variant that you can order from us.

One of the most common applications of OSB: underlayment

OSB can therefore be used in many ways. One of the most common applications of​​​​​​​ OSB, and perhaps the most common application, is the use of the sheet material as a subfloor. Previously, subfloors were often made of plywood, but in practice OSB has proven to have better characteristics and properties as a subfloor. Do you live in a flat and have neighbours living below you? Then of course you want to make sure that they have as little nuisance as possible from the sounds you produce on the floor, such as footsteps when you are wearing shoes. OSB boards prevent your neighbours from complaining about noise pollution. OSB boards have excellent insulating properties and can absorb sound well. Because of its high quality, insulating effect and durability, OSB is an excellent choice for a subfloor. If you combine it with softboard, which has an even better insulating effect, you will no longer be heating your neighbours and they will no longer be bothered by you!

Having OSB boards cut to size by

In the past ​​​​​​​OSB sheets were only available in standard sizes. In the end, you always had to do the sawing yourself to make the boards fit your project. wants to save you the trouble. We can cut the OSB boards to size for you as part of our versatile service. You can buy high quality and durable OSB boards from us at a competitive price and have them immediately cut to the right size by our professionals. Do you have any questions about the common applications of OSB, about the board material itself or about our service? Then please feel free to contact us at any time.

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