Common applications for plywood

The common applications of plywood are versatile. This is mainly due to the fact that plywood is easy to process and has excellent properties. This makes plywood suitable for the most diverse purposes. If you want to get started with plywood, you can of course order them cheaply from We offer a wide and varied range of sheet material, including a variety of plywood. We cut your order to the millimetre, so you don't have to do any more sawing. Simply order online and let us deliver it to your home.

Commonly used applications of plywood and triplex

There are quite a few common applications of plywood known and these are often combined with the applications of plywood. There is an important reason for this. Previously, plywood was referred to as when the panel contained three layers of wood veneer. When there were more layers of veneer within the sheet, the term plywood was used. Nowadays, the terms plywood and triplex are not so often separated. Therefore, the common applications of plywood are basically the same as the common applications of plywood.

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What are the main advantages of plywood?

The fact that there are quite a few widely used applications of plywood The many advantages of plywood are mainly due to the large number of advantages it offers. If we look at the main advantages of plywood, we see that the material works much less under the influence of temperature and moisture than solid wood. Plywood ensures that wood is used more efficiently, because the inner layers can be made from the less qualitative parts of the tree. This makes it a sustainable material. In certain directions plywood is stronger than solid wood in the same thickness. This is due to the cross-linking of the veneer layers. Compared to MDF, another common choice, plywood is stronger, still has the look of wood and can carry more weight. Plywood is available in many different thicknesses, making it easy to apply in the most diverse projects.

The common applications of plywood in various types of wood

Plywood is made of different wood species. Each wood species has its own specific characteristics and therefore different plywood panels have specific characteristics. The common applications of plywood can vary according to the species. Originally plywood panels were made of birch. Later, there were also variants of okoumé and poplar.

What are common applications for plywood?

Depending on the type​​​​​​​ plywood there are many different commonly used applications. For example, there is a variant of plywood from poplar which is often used when weight plays an important role. For applications in damp areas, such as for a piece of furniture in the bathroom, there are​​​​​​​ Okoumé plywood. Some of the commonly used applications are structural. These are applications where the strength of the sheet material plays an important role. These variants are used, among other things, for making packaging and for non-visible building applications. For (building) projects where the plywood will be in sight, decorative plywood is often chosen. This plywood is more attractive, often because it has been finished with noble veneers. In our assortment we have mainly included these plywood variants.

Special machining for various applications

Not every species ​​​​​​​plywood is suitable for certain applications of plywood. In certain cases, the plywood must have a particular treatment or finish before it is suitable. For example, plywood is often used to make floors, where it is important that the floors do not become slippery. In this case, a special plywood variant with an anti-slip film is available. To make a formwork out of plywood, sheets with a smooth film are often chosen, which is also called concrete plywood.


Plywood is most commonly used in the construction industry

Especially in the construction sector, we find a large number of common applications of ​​​​​​​plywood. Plywood is often used to make formwork for the pouring of concrete, i.e. to create concrete foundations. In addition, plywood is often used to make the base of a roof, because it is a logical choice due to its high quality and durability.

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