Attractive TV cabinet made of plywood and cherry wood, by Joost

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Joost van

Joost van



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TV cabinet made of okoumé plywood with a cherry furniture panel as a top plate and floatingly hung with a standard cabinet suspension system. The cabinet has integrated lighting, fans and various openings for cables.
The doors fold down horizontally with gas-sprung dampers.

Custom-made TV cabinet

The cabinet is well thought out and drawn in Sketchup. The external dimensions have been chosen so that all equipment fits in the cabinet. The proportions are based on other TV furniture. For this purpose, all components, such as the TV receiver, amplifier, etc., are modeled as blocks. With a manual exploded view, a list of parts is created. The dimensions of all parts were measured in Sketchup, taking into account the necessary space between, for example, the doors and the cupboard. The dimensions have been copied into a spreadsheet to use as an aid when ordering.
The cabinet is assembled with countersunk screws and wood glue. Cutouts for the cabinet hanging system, hinges and fans are drilled and milled. The screws in sight have been plastered away. The cabinet was then painted. The top shelf is stained and lacquered.

The dimensions of the cabinet

180.0 cm wide
42.6 cm deep
32.7 cm high /p>

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