Built-in bookcase custom made by Rick

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Bookcase made of MDF planks, extends above the door to create height and spaciousness in the living room. The shelves are 32.0 cm high, the top shelves 25.0 cm.

DIY bookcase with MDF

Lying shelves 30 mm thick, uprights 25 mm thick. The beams are also wider to create depth in the cabinet. After sawing the half-timber for stability in the middle, the planks were sealed on the end side, sanded and painted and then assembled prefab. Pushed against the wall, anchored and lacquered again.

For extra strength on the sides, long screws were placed in the horizontal planks and a stripe mounting kit.

The dimensions of the project

At the widest part - above the door - 2.76 wide and 2.67 m high. That is wider and higher than the longest size planks, so ordered extra pieces to achieve the length. The planks were extended using dowels.

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How next?

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