Custom-made terrarium cabinet from OSB, by Ralf

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2 minutes


A cupboard for under my terrarium. In addition to storing various reptile supplies, it also serves as a workstation for, among other things, preparing food animals. The terrarium is made of OSB, hence the choice to build the cabinet in the same style.

Storage cabinet under the terrarium

I started with a sketch on paper. Enter all dimensions of the required plates at Ordered hinges, door handles, adjustable feet, etc. via

When everything was neatly in, the top, bottom and sides were pre-drilled and screwed together.
Placed the extendable waste bin and from there measured the shelves.

Then screwed the shelf supports/slats into the sides and placed the shelves in the cupboard. Removed the planks again and nailed the MDF panels to the back.

I had 1 plank left (because the waste bin idea came up later) which I eventually sawed in half so that I could add two compartments at the bottom right. realization.

Hinges marked, pre-drilled and the doors placed in the cupboard. Installed magnetic closures and handles and placed the cabinet in place under the terrarium.

After a trip to the Praxis, I bought two drawer slides to make an extendable worktop with the wood I had left and the cabinet was ready. .

The dimensions of the project

120.0x115.0x50.0 cm

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