DIY bed cabinet upgrade, by Kwartel

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2 minutes


Upholstered hinged lid for storage cupboards added to a standard bed. Lids made from 3 layers of the thinnest 6mm MDF board in different sizes, allowing the foam and fabric to be hidden in the furniture front.

Work description: how did you realize your project

For this project I am only using four sets of three 6mm thin MDF boards from the order (total of 12 elements). I glue the smallest two elements of each set together so that they are exactly in the middle (the photos do show the screws, but they only made the job difficult. I will not use them in future projects). br />
I then used a staple gun to attach furniture foam, which was 4.0 cm larger, to the larger of two glued boards. Then comes the cladding, cut 5.0 cm larger than the largest panel. I also attached that with the staples. I sew the corners together so they have a good shape. Once it's done, I screw the largest plate on.

Last step - I attach the hinges to the cabinet first, then to the lid, adjusting the lid so it's in the right position .
Everything done, now just enjoy :)

Additional note:
1. At first I thought the foam and padding would be thicker at the edges, but the largest slab turned out to be too big. Now I think there should be no difference between the largest boards in the set.
2. We have chosen upholstery so that it is extra waterproof and stain resistant. You can easily choose cheaper fabrics, but look for the fabric that is thick enough to hold the staples. They can make nasty holes.

Final size: What are the external dimensions?

The entire bed with storage cupboards is 1970x2080 mm. The lids are 2x 670x260 mm and 2x 1200x260 mm

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How next?

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