DIY: dining room sofa with adjoining custom built-in cupboard, by Ashley

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A custom-made dining room sofa with a built-in cupboard. Suitable for eating but also for storing things in the living room.

Dining room sofa and built-in cupboard made of MDF

By making a good working drawing in Google Sketchup, we first built a frame on which the MDF panels must be attached. After this, we made an inventory of how many beams we needed for the frame and we had all the MDF sheet material cut to size by you. This significantly accelerated the project to completion! After this we ordered all the necessary materials to screw, seal, paint and finish everything.

The dimensions of the project

The sofa is 300.0 centimeters long in total, the seat cushion is 220.0 cm long. Total 60.0 cm deep.
The built-in cupboard is 275.0 cm high, 80.0 cm wide and 60.0 cm deep.

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