Etagère/Display for the shop made of MDF, by Enrico

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With the custom-made {{tosize_get_product_url_by_sku('MDF Blank', 'MDF', 'category')|raw} } round discs we have created displays in an original way where we can exhibit our products for sale. It gives our store a nice look and we are very happy with the end result.

Etagère made of MDF

First the discs were painted in the ground and then varnished.
Then saw the scaffolding tubes to size, 27cm long.
Then marked the tube couplings on the discs.
Pre-drilled with size 7 so that the 6mm carriage bolt fits through.
the carriage bolts from top to bottom so that you can fit the nut you can't see it, it's nicer to see the bolt than the nut.
Then put everything together and tighten the tubes with an Allen key.
see the end result, we placed the bottom disc on boxes, but there wheels could also be underneath.

The dimensions of the circles.

largest circle 120.0 cm
then 91.0 cm then, 64.0 cm and 36.0 cm, thickness 16mm with rounded corners.

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