Frog box from Multiplex Interieur Poplar, by Irene

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We needed something for keys and mail at the front door. I had read that a frog at the front door brings good luck. So here is my oversized frog cupboard.
I'm obviously not a carpenter, but it looks great!

Work description: how did you realize your project

  • Drawn the top and bottom of the frog on graph paper in the correct size.

  • Cut out the front and back sides with a jigsaw.

  • li>Measured all corners and sawed them with a miter saw.
  • Made reinforcements in the bottom of all the pieces of wood I had.

  • Used a lot of screws

  • Backs and fronts with nails

  • Screw holes filled as best as possible

  • Sanded, painted and waxed
  • li>
  • Edge tape waxed and glued

  • Epoxy resin on the eyes and buttons of Karwei on the fingers.

h3>Final size: What are the external dimensions?

180.0 cm wide x 220.0 cm high x 20.0 cm deep

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