From wall cupboard to built-in bookcase, by John and Stan

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Very easy

2 minutes

John wanted to transform the old-fashioned wall cupboard into a modern bookcase for his son. Because his son now has a new spacious bookcase, he can store his books well, and there is also room for his fishbowl. With sheet material cut to size by, John was able to get started quickly, so that his son's books are neatly tidied up in his bedroom. Do you also want to transform your old-fashioned wall cupboard into a modern bookcase just like John? Then take a quick look at how he tackled this!

Description by John

I made both horizontal and vertical planks from 28 mm thick pine carpentry panels. This turns the old-fashioned wall cupboard into a modern bookcase without a door again.

How I made this project

We first painted the inside of the old-fashioned built-in cupboard, measured the widths and ordered the shelves . The planks arrived earlier than expected and we were amazed at how smoothly the planks went in. They have a white wood look due to the white (diluted) tex. The vertical planks are secured with dowels. We had to do a little sanding here and there because the back wall of the cupboard was crooked. Our son wanted a fish bowl in his new closet. This fit perfectly, giving Flipper a nice spot. Vis Flipper therefore had his own Pinball machine. We are very grateful, also on behalf of our son!

Dimensions of my DIY project

Width 77.0 cm Height 205.0 cm Depth 25.0 cm

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How next?

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