Give your pedestal a modern upgrade, by Carla

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Very easy

1 minuut

Carla has upgraded her plinth herself using a rustic oak carpentry panel. This gives her pedestal a modern look. The oak plank was cut to size and delivered by us. Carla provided her desired dimensions and we delivered the oak wooden plank to her home within a few working days! Now Carla has created a new pedestal for her work of art by only changing the plateau. So you can see that a small adjustment immediately makes it look different!

Having an oak panel cut to size

I wanted a more modern plinth for the column in the hallway of my studio for my work of art.

Carla gave her pedestal an upgrade!

After the delivery of my order, I immediately started working on this project for my studio.

  1. First I removed the glass wall, this can easily be done by lifting it up.
  2. Then I placed the oak panel on the column, so that this shelf can serve as pedestal for my work of art.
  3. I attached the oak plank to the column with 4 screws, so that it is now firmly attached.

It was a simple, but fun DIY project. 

Dimensions of my DIY project

35.0 × 35.0 cm

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How next?

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