High-gloss black wall shelves for against the wall made of MDF, by Andrea

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1 minuut

Andrea wanted a unique cupboard for books and nice decoration. This gave her the idea to mount black shelves on the wall, which now serves as a cupboard for her books and decorations. Thanks to the MDF shelves we supplied, she now has her desired wall cupboard. Read here how Andrea tackled her project! 

Description by Andrea

A bookcase with custom-made, self-finished MDF shelves and a matte black wall rail. We were looking for a unique cupboard on which we can store books and nice decorations and thanks to the custom shelves we could make it exactly the way we wanted.

Description by Andrea

  1. Order materials: 2x rails, plugs, hooks, lacquer, and of course the planks.
  2. Finish planks with black satin gloss.
  3. Measure rails based on sketch. This was done by feel (height indicated with tape) and then measured so that both rails were level and at the same height.
  4. Marking the drill holes.
  5. Drilling the holes with a hammer drill because of the wall type .
  6. Assemble the rail.
  7. Hang in the supports.
  8. Measure how the shelf will lie.
  9. Planks on the shelves. 
  10. Arranging the cupboard!

Description by Andrea

200.0 x 130.0 cm

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101,10 €

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