Homemade TV wall cabinet from MDF, by Bregje

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2 minutes


It has long been my dream to build a TV wall cabinet myself when I would one day have my own house. I recently moved in together, so the wall cabinet was going to be built.

I drew my design in 3D to scale, to see what the TV cabinet would look like. I started working with a self-made construction drawing.

I built a construction from pine wood and covered it with MDF Black. I ordered this custom-made from OPMAATZAGEN.nl. A perfect service. The wood was delivered exactly on the planned day, and accurate to the millimeter!

Work description: how did you realize your project

First I built a structure from pine beams. The head size of the beams is 69 x 44 mm with a length of 3.30 meters.

I attached a plywood panel with a thickness of 3.6 mm to the back wall with kit, and then this oiled and lacquered twice with a semi-gloss clear lacquer.

I covered the construction with black MDF from OPMAATZAGEN.nl. I attached the MDF to the pine construction with a nail gun. Finally, I painted the cabinet black with black furniture paint from Flexa.

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

305.0 cm wide x 264.0 cm height

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How next?

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