Kitchen renovation with birch plywood as a base, by Kars

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Kitchen doors and drawer fronts
We were ready for a new kitchen.
But it had to be on budget.
After a lot of searching and figuring out what I liked and how I could do it at a cheaper price.
That's how we ended up with birch plywood.
A nice light wood color that was just right as a base color.
It was a nice heavy type of wood that was suitable for kitchen doors and drawer fronts.
So that's how we came to
Everything was sawn to size and neatly sent.
We treated the doors with wax to get the beautiful brown color .

Robust kitchen with wood look

We bought standard cabinets and interior work for the kitchen.
We had to drill round holes in the doors for the special hinges.
This was easy to do with an attachment.
The drawer fronts could be screwed on.
Now it was a matter of hanging or sliding.
Everything had to be adjusted so that everything closed properly. went.
I rubbed the drawers and doors with wax, so it now has a nice warm brown color.

The dimensions of the kitchen

525.0 cm total width

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