Media furniture from Timmerpanel, by Richard

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A custom-made piece of furniture for TV and audio. By purchasing a record player, existing furniture had to be replaced, but the search for suitable furniture was not successful, so I got to work myself.

How did you make the furniture?

After I couldn't find suitable furniture, so I started sketching it myself. Everything measured and based on that we went to the drawing board. A design emerged from this, so order the wood at Choice of cases on pine carpentry panel, with a thickness of 28mm, which makes the cabinet nice and solid. Delivery is made within a week, and everything as ordered, perfect. First I made a test setup, but it turned out that I would end up just a little too high, so I had to take something off both sides. Assembled the cabinet, sanded, stained, sanded again and added another coat of stain. To make the color match the remaining furniture, apply a third layer and you're done.

What are the dimensions?

Height: 68.0 cm. Width: 160.0 cm. Depth: 50.0 cm.

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How next?

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