Plant wall made of MDF and pallet wood, by Harry

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In connection with sound transmission, I have devised a wall made of pallets. Plants can be hung on those pallets, which breaks up the long space but also reduces noise considerably.

How did you make the wall?

Phase 1: First I made a bottom frame, onto which the MDF plates were then mounted. I then glued the mitered sides.

Phase 2: Mounted the bottom edge and placed the pallets on it (100.0 cm x 70.0 cm). I then attached these with long chipboard screws and then secured the pallets to each other.

Phase 3: Mounted and glued the sides around the MDF frame frame.

Phase 4: Closed the screw holes primed and sanded, then primed with MDF and later lacquered. Possibly Install additional lighting in the ceiling to further highlight plants.

Phase 5: Purchased plants including flower pots and hung them using hooks against the pallets.

What are the dimensions?

Width: 314.0 cm
Depth: 40.0 cm
Height: 260.0 cm

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