Play corner made of concrete plywood in a cupboard wall

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Very easy

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Now that our son is a bit older, we have created a play corner with a chair, integrated into the existing cupboard wall. By removing some of the base cabinets, space could easily be made for a desk. A continuous plank as a top makes it one whole. By choosing concrete plywood, it is no problem if our son wants to color outside the lines!

How did you make the play corner?

We made the top, side panel and riser on size ordered. By ordering everything exactly to size, we no longer had to saw (almost) anything ourselves. We made a recess for the skirting board ourselves. We opted for an invisible construction with dowels. This was the first time we would be working with this, so that was exciting. But it turned out to be very simple. Drill holes, insert dowels, glue in between, assemble and you're done! We reused the existing finish for the cables to create a beautiful finish.

What are the dimensions?

Length: 240.0 cm

Height: 47.0 cm

Depth: 40.0 cm

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How next?

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