Radiator housing and bookcase made of oak, by Petra

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|raw}} with built-in light dot. The whole gives a modern and peaceful appearance to the house. Made to your own design.

Custom-made radiator casing, plus bookcase

The design was created with a framework on which the slats are hung. This was a masterful job. The slats are attached at the same height with a mold. Of course, it's no fun if these slats are tilted and crooked. The windowsill was then filled out and leveled. The side wall of the bookcase is made of MDF. Here too, working level is extremely important. The shelves are attached to the MDF panels with beautiful stainless steel shelf supports. This way, the oak planks can be neatly and firmly supported by the whole.

The dimensions of the project

Width 250.0 x 50.0 radiator casing
Height 240, 0 x 50.0 bookcase

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2.700,87 €

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