Renew the fascia of the garage with plywood

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New fascia for the garage at the front of the house. Replaced the old fascia board made of three parts with a new part made of large plate of 1 piece 305.0 cm by 52.0 cm

How did you make the fascia board?

First I the old roof trim was removed from the roof (The roof was leaking and was also replaced after the new fascia board was installed). Then I removed the old fascia board, which consisted of several parts because it was 305.0 cm wide. I then placed the old fascia board on the new one so that I could cut out the correct groove for the existing shed. Then I primed all the sawn seams, let them dry for a few hours and then started assembling using mounting kit and screws. I screwed the screws into the place where the new roof trim will be installed (so I don't have to putty) now it is in one piece and I can paint it in the spring.

What are the dimensions ?

305.0 cm by 52.0 cm

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