Replaced black high-gloss tables with walnut, by Bennie

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Very easy

1 minuut


Black high-gloss table tops
replaced by
lightly sanded then varnished with Glitsa matt parquet lacquer
3 layers already applied
it is a beautiful end result

Replaced table tops with walnut

Black high-gloss table tops
replaced by walnut wood

Dining table was 160.0/100.0 now widened and extended to 170.0/110.0 with overhang br />Coffee table was 115.0/55.0 now extended to 120.0/55.0
Side table was 70.0/40.0 now a square 60.0/60.0 with overhang
maintained a black high-gloss side table for a good contrast
Then everything was lightly sanded
and finished with Glitsa matt parquet varnish
3 layers already applied
The whole has a warm appearance

it has become a beautiful end result
now enjoy it

The dimensions of the table tops

Dining table 170.0 /110.0
Coffee table 120.0/55.0
Corner table 60.0/60.0

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