Scaffolding tube dining table with poplar plywood top, by Wouter and Chantal

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Very easy

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A dining table for the living room with a frame of black scaffolding tube and a poplar plywood sheet. We opted for a light top in combination with a dark frame. This way you have a nice contrast but still modern.

DIY: dining table from Multiplex

First selected the top. We wanted a light wood for our table top. We had the idea of ​​putting black scaffolding tubes under a light blue, which gives a good contrast and looks modern. Then ordered both the top and the tubes and put them together myself. The tubes were custom-made just like the top, so that made a big difference. Then first assembled the table frame. This was super simple and only required an Allen key. Then placed the frame on the top and aligned and secured it. Then we turned the table over and sanded it together. Stair varnish was then applied over it to ensure that the top can withstand a blow. This is necessary with 2 small children. After a few hours of drying it was ready.

Tough custom dining table

175.0cm x 100.0cm. Seat height 75.0cm

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