THX 'baffle wall' and create a cinema room for your home

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For a self-built cinema in the basement, I built a wall in which the speakers (which are behind the screen) are incorporated. This is built in such a way that you get optimal sound for a cinema.

This is how you make a sound wall!

On online forums about cinema construction, I have researched what is involved in creating a home to build a cinema. THX (of the cinema certification) once figured out that speakers work best when they are built into a solid wall. I developed this idea on an iPad; everything was drawn out and the dimensions were determined based on the drawing. I then divided the whole into separate parts and entered all the separate parts on the website. Finally, everything was assembled, finished and painted according to our own drawing. The entire framework and the MDF finish comes from I arranged the plasterboard and foam elsewhere.

Custom cinema wall

4.0m wide, 2m60.0 high and approximately 60.0 cm deep.

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