Wall furniture oak, By Lisanne and Kasper

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This is an oak wall unit for enclosing cabinets. 1 cupboard remains open. The other cupboards either have doors or drawers.

Everything is for the children. In addition, it is also a standing desk, and the high part is a sitting desk, which is also a casing for the heating.

Custom-made oak wall furniture

The desire to build a cabinet Making it for our child, where she can store her things but where she can sit and color at the same time, has been around for some time. In addition, it is a place in our house that has until now been a bit of 'empty space'. was.

Lisanne made the initial designs on a drawing, together we determined the sizes based on the cabinets that were already in our possession. Pay close attention to which sides need to be rounded and which need to be mitered to get a nice seamless connection.

The 45 degree corners are glued, except for the middle part of the long planks: these are screwed to be able to move the furniture in the future if necessary. A special tool is useful for this to guide the drills straight.

The vertical shelves next to the cabinets are screwed to the cabinets. In addition, the shelves are attached to the wall, so that the children cannot pull the shelves and cupboards loose.

No paint has been used, and we are still unsure whether we will stain it.

Large wall unit

Depth: 40.0 cm

>Low part: 240.0 cm long, and 43.0 cm high

>High part: 218.0 cm long, and 81.5 cm high

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