Want to make a walk-in closet from MDF Lakdrager? Do it yourself! By Matthijs

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2 minutes


One of our rooms transformed into a walk-in closet, completely according to our own design. First made our own design for the room in 3D, then built it completely ourselves.

How do you make your own walk-in closet?

We wanted to transform one of our rooms into a walk-in closet. Because the available room has a sloping roof, we have chosen to make our own design. So that we can use the available space in this room as we want.

Started by putting our requirements and wishes on paper together with my girlfriend. Taking this into account, we made a sketch for one of our rooms.

For example, my girlfriend wanted a space where she could hang her longer dresses (1.60m high) and I wanted a standalone closet so that it did not have to be attached to the wall. I also wanted to be able to take the cupboard with me when I moved.

I then fully developed this design in a 3D drawing program. Once I was happy with the design I made a total of 61 planks ( 18mm) delivered sawn to size. I added gray oak furniture panels, drawer guides and handles, from which I built this cabinet entirely myself. I then painted the cabinet in high-gloss white.

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

The large cabinet: 205.0 cm wide x 132.0 cm deep x 230 .0 cm high (Cabinet in L-shape)

A second drawer cabinet: 105.0 cm wide x 52.0 cm deep x 98.4 cm high

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How next?

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