Washing machine conversion, by Robbin

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2 minutes


Conversion to washing machine, dryer and freezer made of Finnish spruce underlayment. Above it are two wall shelves as extra storage space for detergent, etc. I made a recess in the top for the supply and discharge.

Work description: how did you realize your project

I made two cabinets, one for the freezer and an extra cabinet including a door as storage space. Both 'cabinets' have a back wall for extra strength. I mounted the various parts using chipboard screws. I mounted the top with reinforcement corners so that no screws are in sight. The partition between the washing machine and dryer is also mounted with reinforcement corners. I made cut-outs in the back walls with a hole saw for the freezer cord and for extra ventilation. The top protrudes slightly at the back so that a hollow space is created behind the cabinets for all cables and pipes. I made a recess in the top with a jigsaw for the supply and disposal of the washing machine and dryer. The door is recessed and has a 3 mm joint (pot size 4 mm). Holes drilled with a hinge hole drill and corresponding jig.

Final size: What are the outer dimensions?

Length: 230 cm Height: 89.3 cm Depth 80.0 cm

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