Have MDF cut to size in a circle

Do you want a circle made of MDF? You can! At TOSIZE.de we offer a wide range of MDF board material that can all be cut to size. In this article you will read all about how we do this and which varieties of MDF have the best properties for certain applications.

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Cutting MDF into a circle

Sawing an MDF circle yourself can be quite difficult, especially if you have two left hands. In addition, it can also be a time-consuming task if you do not have the right equipment at your disposal. Having your MDF cut to size is then often a good choice. Not only does it save you time, and sometimes money, but you are also more certain that you will get an MDF circle that has been sawn absolutely correctly. No unevenness, no misshapen circles, just good sawing! A sawmill like TOSIZE.de uses advanced sawing machines that make sawing in the shape of a circle a lot easier. This allows us to saw sheet material round without leaving a hole in the middle! All that remains is a small dent on one side of the sheet.

Besides having MDF cut to size in the shape of a circle, you can also have MDF cut to size in other shapes. Having MDF sawn in the shape of a semi-circle is also one of the options. This is ideal if you want to be able to split a circle, for example for an extendable round table. Other shapes such as squares, rectangles, triangles, trapezoids and parallelograms are also available. See all possible shapes in which we can cut sheet material on our page about forms.

Finishing the MDF circle

If you have chosen the right shape and size of your MDF board, you can also choose to have the end edges finished. Useful, for example, if you wish to use your MDF board for a decorative project or furniture. You can, for example, finish your MDF board with a mitre edge, you can also have the end edges rounded or bevelled. Even a hollow profile or quarter round can be applied to the end edges. Have you ordered an MDF board with a finished top layer? Then you can also choose to have the end edges finished with an ABS strip. This way, your MDF board is completely finished right away, isn't it convenient? For the complete list of finishes, have a look at our page on edge finishes.

Variants of MDF

MDF is a versatile board material. As it is made of small wood fibres that are pressed together under high pressure and temperature with the addition of glue, anything can be added during the production process to adjust the properties of the material. Therefore, there are different variants of MDF, each with specific properties. Let's have a look at the possibilities.

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MDF Blank

MDF Natural is the standard variant of MDF. It is easy to process and can be applied in many ways. It is often used in furniture and interior design in dry indoor areas. MDF Clear has a strong absorbing effect and should be well primed before painting and use. This ensures that the paint layer remains in place and the board is better protected against moisture. The ends are best treated with an edge sealer.

MDF Moistureproof V313

MDF Moisture resistant V313 is a variant of MDF that is better protected against moisture. In the case of MDF Moisture-Resistant V313, a special waterproof adhesive was used during the production process and the material was pressed under higher pressure. As a result, this material is more resistant to moisture than the standard variant of MDF and can be used in damp indoor areas. It is still important to prime the material well and to treat the ends with an edge sealer.

MDF Exterior

MDF Exterior is the MDF variant for exterior applications. In addition to the special type of glue and the higher compression pressure applied (as with MDF Moisture Resistant V313), modified wood fibres are also used, which makes the material even more moisture resistant. For a durable outdoor application, it is still recommended to prime the material well and to treat the end edges with an edge sealer.

MDF Grounded

MDF Primed is a standard MDF variant that is provided with a primer. This primer is off-white and somewhat harder, which allows paint to adhere well. With MDF Grounded you can immediately start painting and you do not need to apply a primer yourself! This can save a lot of time, especially for larger projects. MDF Primed is best used in dry indoor areas for furniture and other interior projects. The ends can be treated with an edge sealer.

MDF Black (and other coloured MDF)

MDF Black is a variant of MDF that is coloured with a black pigment during the production process. This gives the board a black colour right to the core. This colour is not jet black, but more like anthracite. Wood fibres can still be seen here and there. You choose MDF Black if you wish to finish a project in a dark colour. Because the board is black to the core, drill holes are much less noticeable. With a primer in a dark colour and an edge sealer for the end edges, you protect your MDF Black properly against moisture and it can be applied in dry areas indoors.

MDF Black V313

Should you wish to use MDF Black in damp indoor areas, it is useful to use  MDF Black Water-resistant. This variant of MDF Black has enhanced moisture resistant properties and will therefore react less to varying degrees of humidity.

MDF Ecologique

MDF Ecologique is a variant of MDF that is made with formaldehyde-free glue. Formaldehyde is a gas that is released when temperatures change. In small quantities, this is harmless, but if a room has fluctuating temperatures or is poorly ventilated, a higher concentration of formaldehyde may be released, which can lead to irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract. Standard MDF already contains a low amount of formaldehyde, but with MDF Ecologique this is even lower. Useful in closed spaces such as a meter cupboard or in spaces for people who are extra sensitive to this. It is important to prime the material well and to treat the ends with an edge sealer.

Ordering MDF in a circle

Ordering MDF in a circle is easy at TOSIZE.de. You choose the MDF you want to use, select the shape and dimensions and any edge finish of the material. We also offer various accessories. For example, you can order various paints, lacquers, primers and edge sealers from us. Once you have completed your order, we will immediately get to work for you! Order your made-to-measure MDF circle now and start your new job!

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