• Need customised laminated chipboard?

Need customised laminated chipboard?

Working with board material can be a time-consuming task; sawing, finishing and painting board material is a lot of work. For this reason, laminated chipboard was developed. The top layer makes finishing a lot easier or even unnecessary! To make it even easier for you, you can order customised laminated chipboard from TOSIZE.de! Read more about customised laminated chipboard and what shapes and finishes are available here.

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What is chipboard?

Chipboard is a fibreboard, just like MDF, OSB, hardboard and softboard. This means that the material is made from wood fibres that are pressed into a board under high temperature and pressure. The wood fibres used in chipboard are larger and coarser than those of MDF but smaller than those of OSB. Chipboard is easy to process and is therefore often used in furniture construction and, for example, in partition walls. It is mainly used in dry areas indoors and a moisture-resistant variant is available for applications in damp areas.

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The properties of laminated chipboard

Laminated chipboard is natural chipboard with a special top layer on both the top and the bottom. This top layer can consist of lacquer-bearing foil, which still has to be lacquered, but is often a finished layer that can be used immediately. This layer is available in different colours and with different structures. A variant of melamine faced chipboard, called furniture panel, has a finish on the top layers as well as a finish on the ends. If you have the material cut to size, however, there is a chance that one or more of these finishes may disappear.

Laminated chipboard made to measure

Laminated chipboard cut to size saves a lot of effort and ensures that you are not left with a pile of residual material. Laminated chipboard cut to size can be used immediately after treatment of the ends. A sawmill can cut the board to size for you. At TOSIZE.de this can even be done in different shapes and sizes and, of course, to the millimetre. These are the options:

Order laminated chipboard to size

Laminated chipboard and many other board materials can easily be ordered online at TOSIZE.de. In our shop you will find a wide range of board material and customised wood, and there are also a lot of accessories you can order to make your job complete. Take a quick look at our website for our complete range and get started on your new job!

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