• NEW: Chipboard Melamine-Faced, for every style!

NEW: Chipboard Melamine-Faced, for every style!

With our new Chipboard Melaminated you can create projects with any desired finish. Curious about the possibilities? We have collected all the basic information for you so that you know exactly what to look for when selecting these boards!

Decorative panels for the most beautiful furniture

Working with wood and sheet material is, of course, great fun - we don't need to convince you of that. But there are also some things that are less fun. For example, you can trust us to saw all parts to size for some time now. Nowadays, you can also do the finishing of the material! With the introduction of decorative sheet material, you can choose from a wide range of finished sheets.

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What exactly is Melamine Faced Particle Board?

Melaminated particle board, as the name suggests, is made using particle board as the basic carrier. Particleboard is widely used for furniture, as it is easy to process.

Did you know that particle board is actually a sustainable way of manufacturing? The bonded wood chips that make up particle board are made from residual material. The top layer provides the finishing touch. In the case of the chipboard we are talking about here, a melamine top coat is then applied. This top layer is available in different styles and colours.

The colour codes

The top layers of decorative board material are, in addition to the name, also indicated by colour codes. The names are not always clear enough to make a proper distinction. This is not possible when there are fifty shades of grey! The codes indicate the style, colour and finish of the material. For example, Chipboard Ice White Melaminated has code U 11027 VV and Chipboard Lancelot Oak Light Melaminated has code R 20027 RU.

This is how the colour code is constructed:

  • The first letter of the code indicates the style. The 'U', for example, means that it is a plain coloured plate and the 'R' means that it is a structured plate.
  • The numbers indicate the colour and shade
  • The last two letters indicate the finish. For example, 'VV' stands for 'Top Velvet' and 'RU' for 'Rustic Wood'.

If you are working on a cabinet or something similar, these codes are less interesting, but if you are making a complete interior, you can use these codes to coordinate all colours and structures.

Variants of Particleboard Melamine Faced

The decors are available in many varieties. So go for a wood species whose colour appeals to you the most. Does a uniform colour suit you? Then of course you can choose that option. Are you more the type that goes for a warm tone, no problem.

The colours are finished in different ways. There are, for example, decors with a glossy, matt or rough finish. We are constantly expanding the range of decors, so keep an eye on our assortment of decorative panels!

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Do you also want to do odd jobs without having to saw and paint? Then order your melamine faced chipboard to size at TOSIZE.de! We will cut your order to the millimetre, even in different shapes.

Do you want to make a table top? Then order, for example, a rectangle or circle sawn to size! If your project requires the melamine-faced chipboard to have visible edges, you can even have ABS tape applied as an edge finish. This ABS tape has the same appearance as the top layers, so you can finish the material off completely! Feel like getting to work? Then order your melamine faced chipboard at TOSIZE.de!

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