• New plates in our assortment, check them out here!

New plates in our assortment, check them out here!

We have recently added many new types of board material to our range. From new types of MDF and chipboard to new types of concreteplex and plywood. Are you curious? Then read on!

Our new product range

We have been hard at work lately. We have expanded our sawing service with 3D shapes, you can now visit our showroom by appointment and we have been busy working on new sheet materials for our range! Now the time has finally come, 14 new types of plate material in different thicknesses have been added to our assortment and can be ordered immediately! Curious about the new boards? Let's have a look at them.

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Betonplex Birch Light Brown

Betonplex Birch Light Brown is a new variant of the extremely strong Betonplex Birch. This material is originally used for concrete formwork, but thanks to the scratch and impact resistant top layer, it can also be used for many other projects. For example, it is used in animal sheds and in the construction of stands. With a good treatment of the ends, it can also be used outdoors for playground equipment such as climbing frames and slides. This version has a light brown top layer.

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Betonplex Birch Black

Betonplex Birch Black is, just like Betonplex Birch Light Brown, a variation of Betonplex Birch. Because the top layer is already finished and you don't have to do anything to it, it is convenient to offer this layer in different colours. We already had the colours dark brown and White in our range and now we also have the colours light brown and black. This way you can choose which colour is best for your job!

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MDF Fire Retardant

MDF Fire Retardant is a special variant of MDF. During the production process, special fire retardant salts are added to the material. As a result, MDF Fire Retardant carries the European Fire Reaction Rating B, which means that it delays combustion and does not contribute to flame spread. Handy, if fire safety is extra important in your project!

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MDF bendable crosswise grooved

MDF is a fairly strong board material that is difficult to bend. Yet there are numerous applications where bendable MDF would be useful. Therefore, a special variant of MDF has been made that is bendable. By making grooves in the material, it has been made bendable. With MDF Bendable Cross Grooved the grooves run in the direction of the wide sides. This means that the material is bendable in the direction of the long sides. Ideal for a wide, low counter with a curve!


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MDF bendable long grooved

MDF Bendable Long Grooved is, just like MDF Bendable Cross Grooved, bendable because grooves are applied to the material. In MDF Bendable Long Grooved, however, these grooves are made in the direction of the long sides. As a result, the material is bendable in the direction of the wide sides and can be used to create, for example, a long, narrow pillar.

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MDF Grounded V313

MDF is a versatile board material that can be used for many different applications. However, it must be primed before use, as MDF has a strong absorbing effect. This can be a time-consuming task, which is why an MDF variant has been developed with a primer coat already applied. Ideal, because then you can immediately finish the material in your favourite colour! However, Natural MDF and MDF Primed cannot be used in damp rooms, for which MDF Moisture Proof s required. That's why there is now also moisture-resistant MDF with a primer coat! This variant can be recognised by the green colour the material has been given. The primer coat of MDF Grounded V313 is rough, matt and has a light grey tint.

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MDF Grey V313

Since MDF consists of small wood fibres that are pressed into a board under high pressure and temperature, there are many adjustments that can be made to the material. This can be done relatively easily by adding substances during the production process. One of the variants of MDF that is made in this way is coloured MDF. By adding a dye during the production process, the whole board is coloured. MDF Black is a variant of this that we already had in our range, along with a moisture resistant variant: MDF Black Water-resistant. We have now also added MDF Grey V313 to the range. This board material is coloured grey right to the core and is made with waterproof glue. This makes the material also moisture resistant and can therefore be used in damp indoor areas, for example, in a bathroom or kitchen.

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MDF Paint Carrier V313

MDF Paint Carrier is an ideal solution if you want to paint MDF directly. The lacquer-bearing film makes priming unnecessary and you can immediately apply your favourite colour to the material. However, MDF Paint Carrier is not moisture-resistant and can therefore not be used in damp rooms. For that reason, we now also have MDF Paint Carrier V313 in our range! This variant is more resistant to moisture and can therefore be used in damp rooms indoors. Ideal for the kitchen or bathroom!

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MDF Black V313 lacquered

MDF Black is a variant of MDF that is coloured with a black pigment throughout the board. In principle, black MDF only needs to be lacquered and is then ready for use. However, there is also a variant that has already been lacquered: MDF Black Lacquered V313! This board material has been coloured black to the core, has a glossy lacquer layer and is made of moisture-resistant MDF! This means that it can be used immediately in not only dry rooms, but also in damp rooms indoors! If in your project the head edges of the material are still visible, it is recommended to finish them with, for example, an edge sealer. You can then also lacquer the head edges nicely to give them the same appearance as the rest of the board.

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Plywood bendable crosswise

Plywood is a very strong board material. Because it consists of several layers of thin wood veneer that are glued together crosswise, it will not bend when pressure is applied to it. This is a good property of the material and makes it a favourite when making various constructions. Sometimes, however, you may want the material to be flexible in order to create rounded finishes, for example. For that application, bendable plywood has been developed. This sheet material is a lot thinner than traditional plywood and is bendable in the direction of the wood grain. In the case of Plywood Bendable Transverse, this wood grain runs in the direction of the broad sides. This makes the material bendable in the direction of the long sides. Useful for finishing a wide, low construction such as a counter or an elevation.

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Plywood bendable long

Flexible plywood is of course not only applicable for finishing a wide, low construction. Also projects which are narrow and high can be finished with bendable plywood. For this it is convenient if the material is bendable in the direction of the wide sides. For this reason, in addition to Plywood bendable across, there is also Plywood bendable across. In this variant of bendable plywood, the wood grain runs in the direction of the long sides, so that the material is bendable in the direction of the wide sides. This is useful, for example, if you want to make a round plinth or column.

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Beech plywood interior

Plywood has a beautiful, natural appearance. This is because it consists of thin layers of solid wood. This makes it not only very strong, it is also beautiful to look at! The new variant of plywood in our range, Multiplex Interior Beech, has a nice, calm appearance of light brown wood. An additional advantage is that it does not leave any smell or taste. For this reason, it is often used in the food industry. Interior Beech Plywood, as the name suggests, can be used in dry indoor areas.

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Multiplex Interior Pine

Pine wood is a somewhat tougher type of wood. It is therefore fairly easy to work with. Working with Polish pine plywood is therefore relatively easy. Plywood Interior Polish Pine has a rather busy looking surface, thanks to the many, clearly visible flames. If this is not desired, you can of course paint it. You can see Plywood Interior Polar Pine in various pieces of furniture in dry areas indoors.

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Particleboard Black Melamine

Chipboard has been used in the furniture industry for a long time. It is easy to make and process and therefore has many applications. It is often more difficult to get the top layers nicely evenly coloured. Because the board is made of wood chips, the surface is not entirely smooth and has a strong absorbing effect. To counteract this, a melamine layer is applied as a top layer. This makes the top layers nice and flat and gives them an even colour. Particleboard Melamine-Treated White is an example of this, which we have had in our range for some time. And now we also have a variant with a black top layer; Chipboard Black Melaminated! You can now also have your board material finished with ABS tape. This is a perfect combination with melamine faced chipboard!

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Get to work!

With all these new products in our webshop, there are plenty of new projects to think of. Do you feel like rolling up your sleeves and getting to work again? Then order your timber and board material to size at TOSIZE.de We will then saw it for you in the desired shape and size. If you want, we can also finish the ends for you, so that your chores will be really easy! Take a look at our product range and get to work!

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