• NEW: Solid oak wood panels made to measure!

NEW: Solid oak wood panels made to measure!

Solid oak panels are online! At TOSIZE.de, we are constantly expanding our product range. One of the much requested wood types that was still missing in our collection was solid oak. From now on, you can order it by size.

Solid oak

Are you looking for that one unique rustic table top, that oak plank or a decorative wall of oak and you can't find it to your taste? Then make it yourself! Starting today, you can order your customised solid oak panels easily and quickly online at TOSIZE.de. You can order the solid oak panels in any size, and even in special shapes like a circle! Take a quick look at our Assortment.

Our oak collection consists of various thicknesses and types. The oak consists of glued slats and has a warm, natural look. This will give your space just that little extra 'WOW'. Curious about the oak? Read more about Oak in our extensive article: Do you want to work with quality? Use these oak panels. Or take a look at our range of oak panels:

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