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Plywood Birch is one of the most widely used types of plywood. Birch plywood is a very strong board material, which allows you to use it for a wide variety of projects. Would you like to buy Birch plywood at an attractive price? Then you are certainly in the right place in the wide range of TOSIZE.de.

What exactly is Birch plywood?

Plywood is manufactured by cross-gluing several thin layers of wood veneer. This cross-gluing has several functions. Firstly, it gives the final panel extra (load) power, making the plywood panel much stronger. Secondly, it prevents the plywood from shrinking. Wood can work, or shrink and swell, with moisture and temperature changes. This is hardly ever the case with plywood because of the cross-bonding. Plywood Birch is the variant of plywood manufactured from birch trees. Besides birch plywood there is also poplar plywood.

The difference between poplar plywood and birch plywood

Plywood Birch and  Poplar plywood are manufactured in the same way. This means that both variants use multiple veneer layers that are glued crosswise to each other. An important difference is that the number of layers of wood veneer is higher for Birch plywood. In poplar plywood, fewer layers are processed in the panel. This ensures that Birch plywood is stronger and more robust than poplar plywood. Both variants are used for many similar applications, such as decorative applications and furniture. When it is desirable to keep the final weight as low as possible, Poplar plywood is the best choice.

Plywood Birch is just a little bit better

Plywood Birch is slightly better in quality than poplar plywood. This has to do with several factors. Firstly, birch wood is a type of wood that is much harder than poplar wood. It goes without saying that the plywood sheets are harder, and therefore stronger. Poplar plywood has a homogeneous structure and looks very calm. Birch plywood has a clearly visible wood grain. This is much clearer than in the case of poplar plywood. In addition, our Birch plywood is glued water-resistant.

Birch plywood is available in several quality classes

Plywood Birch can be obtained in different quality classes. Among the quality classes, we find for example A, B, C and S. These are only examples. In most cases, quality class B/BB is used. In practice, this means that one side is finished better than the other. In the side of lower quality, some irregularities may be found. However, this does not have a negative impact on the strength of the Birch plywood panel. The side with the possible irregularities is left out of sight during application, while the most beautiful side comes into sight.

What can birch plywood be used for?

Plywood Birch is an excellent choice for the most diverse projects. For example, birch plywood can be used to make table and work tops, for toys, furniture, formwork and floorboards. For outdoor applications it is better to go for Okoumé plywood.

Easy to process birch plywood

The processing of Plywood Birch is very simple. The panel material does not splinter - or not at all - and can easily be finished with stain or paint. A nice advantage of this is that no pretreatment is needed when you want to paint or stain the birch plywood boards. You can apply this directly to the panel. In certain cases, it may be necessary to apply a second layer for optimal even coverage.

Cutting birch plywood to size

At TOSIZE.de we make sure that all orders are offered cut to size. This of course also applies to Plywood Birch. In the ordering process you can specify the desired dimensions. Please note that the length direction of the wood grain runs parallel to the long sides of the panel. In this way, you can easily pass on the correct dimensions for the Birch plywood sheets you require. Within our product range you can find birch plywood panels in different thicknesses. For certain projects thinner sheets are easier, while for other projects a greater thickness is desirable. Are you unsure which board is the most suitable for your project? Then we can of course advise you when you make your purchase in our web shop.

Order plywood birch online at TOSIZE.de

At TOSIZE.de we offer a friendly, professional and very complete service. You are welcome to order Plywood Birch online. Simply tell us the dimensions you need and we will cut the sheets to size for you. Do you want to buy Birch plywood in our web shop, but do you need advice on how to make a good choice from the possibilities? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to inform and advise you about Plywood Birch.

Order your customised birch plywood at TOSIZE.de! We will cut your order to the millimetre. We can do this in different shapes and we can even finish the edges for you. Take a look at our product range and start your new job!

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